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Surprise! You're having a baby. Do you choose a more common traditional name, or a more unusual creative name?

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willthehuman Suburbia
07/06/13 10:47 pm

OHHH, a fun one. I've got loads of good names, if you happen to be having a baby...

willthehuman Suburbia
07/06/13 10:48 pm

First the traditional ones: Ester, Ethel, Bethel, Hagnis, Joe, Jim, John, Jeff, Pete, Clint,ect...

willthehuman Suburbia
07/06/13 10:50 pm


willthehuman Suburbia
07/06/13 10:53 pm

Now some "tough guy" ones: Big McLargehuge, Clint, Tust, Steel, Pick, Iron, Dagger, Clench, Pack, Meatpunch, Crunch, Pecs, Hammer, Torq, Anvil, Unction, Mangroove, Phlak, Chest,

willthehuman Suburbia
07/06/13 10:54 pm

Please feel free to select one of these gems for your bundle of joy.

mfiskratti1990 CA
07/06/13 4:29 pm

I have two boys: Noah, and Tanner.
Pretty common, but awesome names.

lazel fandom rehab
07/06/13 1:42 pm

I really like the name Maryse. (Pronounced may-ris) that name isn't too awful, is it?

Tigerfang850 Pennsylvania
07/05/13 10:54 pm

I want my girl to be named Alice and my boy named Andréa

wingman646 Jacksonville
07/05/13 4:51 pm

Creative but not retarded like "Airwrecka" or "Laquishanistaketa" or any of that nonsense.

07/05/13 4:27 am

I always loved the name Olivia so when I had my daughter we named her that but spelled it Alivia.

07/04/13 9:03 pm

I'm for bringing old names back. Or reaching up the family tree. I really want to name a future son after my grandpa.

mrcoyote Casa Grande
07/04/13 7:55 am

My boys name is going to be Rickaren Onyx

07/04/13 1:23 am

I would name my daughter Cameron. I guess its creative since it is often a boys name but if you were looking for something more like shaniqua then its traditional

sgkitty new york
07/03/13 8:39 pm

Karsh for a boy.Aubrey Allen for a girl. Not sure how unusual they are, but they are not common.

kylievb317 California
07/03/13 6:31 pm

I have a pretty normal first name and a very uncommon middle name. Might keep that tradition going :)

sarah1911 Poolesville MD
07/03/13 5:10 pm

Family names so I guess that's traditional.

Ikillgiants California
07/03/13 12:59 pm

I'll name my son Richter(rik-tor) or Adonis

07/03/13 12:29 pm

I met a girl named "La-a." I read it and pronounced it La-ah. She said "It's pronounced La-dash-ah. You pronounce the dash."
True story.

07/03/13 7:56 pm

Lmao!! That's hilarious!!

07/03/13 11:07 pm

That is awesome,

07/05/13 10:44 pm

I've heard of that also. And ABCD pronounced Absedy.

07/05/13 10:46 pm

Oh and twin brothers Orangejello (oranjehlou) and Lemonjello (leymonjehlou). I used to work as customer service in Detroit lol

07/03/13 8:02 am

I'm thinking if i have a son i'll name him Caesar (pronounced kay-sar), seems like a good unique-ish name to me.

wego Utah
07/06/13 12:22 am

I think it will always be mispronounced as "see-zer".

EarlyBird Portland
07/03/13 6:35 am

My 2 favorite names for a girl are:
Early and Bird

Theshamwowguy Pittsburgh, PA
07/03/13 5:07 am

My first born sons name is going to named after me. He shall be a 4th

cpaswr just say the letters
07/02/13 10:02 pm

When me and my wife were deciding on our son's name, we agreed ahead of time that the name would be traditional and no funky spelling of his name.

cpaswr just say the letters
07/02/13 10:03 pm

Of course, if we have a second child, we already agreed the name is going to be "Oops."

07/02/13 8:04 pm

"Common traditional" is a loaded concept...what about family names (ie. a maiden surname)?

p3bowman Toledo
07/02/13 8:02 pm

Gay. No surprise baby.

Wa2xpnsv4u Tennessee
07/02/13 7:46 pm

I don't know how to answer this... Our kids have "normal" names (Hailey and Brooklyn) but I did make sure they were not on the top 100 list the year before...

Mud Constitutionalist
07/02/13 4:59 pm

I think I'll call the next one "Quits."

07/02/13 4:38 pm

There have been some studies showing people are prejudged by their names: on applications and whatnot. Not saying its fair...

cpaswr just say the letters
07/02/13 10:05 pm

We took that into consideration when naming our son.

If I remember correctly, there was a segment in the movie Freakonomics about this.

07/05/13 4:29 am

My grandma's first name was can imagine the snickers she'd get

Wert A picture of my junk
07/02/13 4:07 pm

I'm going with Trogdar for the next one.

07/02/13 2:07 pm

we have a very uncommon last name, so we went with something uncommon for the kids first names, but nothing insane.

MoonFireDancer New Jersey
07/02/13 1:30 pm

I named my three god children Ever, Catrial and Vermena when their mom couldnt do it

MoonFireDancer New Jersey
07/02/13 1:32 pm

As for the weir name argument, everyone gets fun of once in awhile about there name. Common names are just easier to pick on.

skinner Jersey City
07/02/13 1:15 pm

I hate hipsters

deliala919 hashtag nerdy
07/02/13 12:39 pm

Since i was 12 I've wanted to name my baby November (if its a girl)

Rotavele Alabama
07/02/13 11:14 am

I aborted gidget. Doctor recommended it because she had a 10% chance of being a lesbian.

07/02/13 10:40 am

I said traditional but it would definitely not be a popular name. But not made up or trendy either.

07/02/13 9:54 am

PEOPLE?!?!? Tell you dumb children not to laugh at other kids names?!?!? #haterudechildren

riggsy Myrtle Beach, S.C.
07/02/13 5:12 am

I was never blessed with a daughter, but I always wanted to name her Kerith.

07/02/13 4:25 am

Matthew 4 a boy... I like emma 4 a girl

07/02/13 3:30 am

Two girls: Velocity and Joule. Other than fellow scientists, most people compliment on the names.

deliala919 hashtag nerdy
07/02/13 12:41 pm

Lol. Joule would be nice because most people would think it's just an interesting way to spell jewel, and would just pronounce it that way.

mfiskratti1990 CA
07/06/13 4:38 pm

I would pronounce it similar to Julie.

TacticalBacon Funky Town
07/02/13 2:39 am

Well that depends in Legolas a traditional name?

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
07/02/13 1:14 am

When I have kids, I want to give them names that are a bit different, but by no means weird. I wouldn't want it to be something they would be teased for, or something viewed as unprofessional when they're an adult.

chickenwrangler Texas
07/02/13 12:19 am

We named our daughter Aislin and our son Oliver. If we have another girl her name will be Hazel. I'm due with another boy in August and we can't come up with a name for him!!

LibertyBelle Texas
07/08/13 4:54 am

Well what about August? :) Not crazy about that actually, but I like Elliott, Paul, Declan, or Conor to go with your other names!

shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
07/01/13 10:34 pm

I think kind of in between - for a girl - I would have named her Dianndra Gayle and for a boy Scott Maylan

lesil Colorado
07/01/13 10:29 pm

I actually thought the name North West was kind of clever; it's very memorable.

arborfamilia on top of the hill
07/01/13 10:20 pm

My son, born 7 weeks ago, is named Archimedes.

Kind of depressing how many people ask where we came up with that name.

07/02/13 4:24 am

Wow that is sad.

fahq2 Loving Life
07/02/13 11:56 am

To save yourself some time (and avoid having to give the same answer), just wear a shirt that reads, "I Love Greek Mythology!!"

07/02/13 12:26 pm

I think a tshirt saying "Eureka!" would be a nice touch.

07/01/13 10:11 pm

Something that is short and to-the-point in abbreviated form for their early years but distinguished in its full form for their later years. For example they could go by "Ben" early in life but "Benjamin" in their later years if they choose.

rusty0131 A peaceful world
07/01/13 10:06 pm

I know four separate families who each named a daughter Miracle and another family named a daughter Precious. Did these parents not think for a second about when the kids will be in school or later as adults? Use some normal names people.

07/02/13 7:42 am

If there are that many Miracles running around, guess what? That name just became normal.

kailac VFL
07/01/13 9:46 pm

My name is Kayla, but spelled with the Hawaiian spelling Kaila. It's different but not weird and I love it. My parents just didn't want anyone to call me Kay.

fahq2 Loving Life
07/02/13 11:58 am

Too bad, Kay, because "Kay" IS your default nickname...

07/01/13 9:25 pm

A sort of traditional name, but not one as common as John, Nick, Jennifer, or Sarah.

dabrat East Coast
07/01/13 9:13 pm

Second time I'd go traditional and name baby after a relative, preferably my late father.