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Show Of Hands June 9th, 2011 12:00am

Have you ever been in a car when it ran out of gas?

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06/29/11 4:38 pm

Yeah jdhakejdhwjokjdndndjdijdbf

nubby89 Indiana
06/29/11 3:52 pm

We ran out right as we were pulling into the gas station and would of coasted right to the pump if some chick wouldn't have cut us off just ten feet from it.

06/25/11 5:46 pm

Yes. It sucked majorly. In the middle of nowhere in freaking Arizona in the summer.

06/25/11 4:23 pm

we can go 50 miles on E!! putt putt putt......

06/25/11 11:23 am

I've seen too many movies where that doesn't end well so I have never run out gas

Topgun California
06/24/11 5:24 pm

Not in a car... But in a boat yes. Swimming to shore=not fun.

kjos2 Washington
06/23/11 10:40 pm

@Gelidity LOLOLOLOLOLOL You story has inspired me.

Piper? Texas
06/21/11 11:48 pm

Gelidity's comment is an lol. Never run out myself though.

06/21/11 10:37 am

06/20/11 8:13 pm

Just get gas when the needle is at 1/4 tank then if reading a gas gauge is too complicated. Lol.

06/20/11 8:12 pm

I see the needle approaching E and I go get gas. Lol. Seems pretty easy to avoid. Lol.

06/20/11 2:08 pm

I submitted this question. Haha, I was so happy to see it get on

mike Star Trek Voyager
06/20/11 2:41 am

Yikes... I won't use that line if I ever do run out of gas.

Gelidity Pennsylvania
06/20/11 2:20 am

A cop pulled up to me and asked me "How do you run out of gas?"
I replied, "Well you see, my car consumes it in order to function. Because the tank can only contain a finite amount of gas, all of it was eventually consumed and it stopped moving."
He gave me a ticket.

06/20/11 2:03 am

Gosh, happened to my dad and I on the highway when he was teaching me to drive. I didn't notice until it was too late. Then we hitched a ride with a woman that took us to a gas station...something we both were hesistant to do..but needed to

06/19/11 1:43 pm

More than once...yeah, not my best moments but every time proved to be an adventure.

jj4tigers Missouri
06/19/11 2:17 am

I am very surprised how many people said yes!

06/18/11 12:25 pm

Ha! More men than women said "yes."
That's kinda surprising!
...though I am part of that 58%.

Gimme a break! ... I was going through rough times!!!

Okay, there's really just no excuse though.