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DerekWills July 1st, 2013 12:26pm

Since the last Super Bowl, 28 NFL players have been arrested for one thing or another. Is the NFL getting an image problem?

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Doopy Remedial Americanism
07/01/13 6:33 pm

No. The NBA will always be there to make it look good.

DaKernal Colorado
07/01/13 4:25 pm


That boat done sailed!

JamesR Indiana
07/01/13 2:43 pm

In 2008, 41 players were arrested in the same time frame. It's just something that they can't control. It's a part of life

omniku dot com
07/01/13 9:44 am

It's the head injuries. TBI's can cause poor judgement, rage, and bad decisions. My wife is a neuroscientist she said the high rate of NFL crime is absolutely caused by head injuries.

omniku dot com
07/01/13 3:33 pm

That's what she said. However, I looked into it & statistically NFL players actually commit crime at a lower rate than the general population so I'm gonna chalk it all up to media exposure. We notice them because the media blows it out of proportion.

omniku dot com
07/01/13 3:38 pm

Oh and to be fair I'll also chalk it up to our horrible penal system which imprisons a ridiculous percentage of our citizenry which is why NFL players actually commit less crimes than the general population. :)

mabbou Omaha
07/01/13 6:12 am

Do you not pay attention every off season? It's just more high profile cases this year. Hernandez might very well be gang affiliated the more information were hearing about him. But arrests and NFL players are nothing new.

07/01/13 7:09 am

I also think it's always been there we just know more about it with the Internet

kilokalex Sanity is for the weak
07/01/13 6:08 am

Why can't these idiots leave the hood behind.

mabbou Omaha
07/01/13 7:17 am

I mean you still talk to some of your friends that you grew up with it just happens that the crowd he was hanging around was not the best role models.

EarlyBird Portland
07/01/13 5:39 am

I think most of the pro sports have a bad image these days.