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rebelfury76 July 1st, 2013 11:38am

Another dog has been shot as police enter onto property looking for someone who doesn't live there. Isn't it time for this to stop?

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pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
07/01/13 2:50 pm

"The warrant was for a man named Bradly Neal Simpson, who is wanted for an expired vehicle registration."

Why are we sending the cops after people over simple expired tabs?!?

rebelfury76 No Justice, No Peace
07/01/13 8:49 pm


They're collectors for the mafia. You gotta pay your protection money or timmy two toes is gonna come bust your knee caps and kill your dog.

rebelfury76 No Justice, No Peace
07/01/13 8:50 pm

And I'd love for Jon to tell me I'm wrong without deflecting or some bull crap about "well we won't come when you're raped then blah blah blah".

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
07/01/13 2:42 pm

If they had a specific warrant, and the dog was acting in a manner that a reasonable person would interpret as threatening, it's understandable. Otherwise, the department should be civilly liable for damages.

rebelfury76 No Justice, No Peace
07/01/13 8:32 am

A very unfortunate and common accident

jonfrei the boonies
07/01/13 9:41 am

Common - kind of like lightning strikes, eh? Put some numbers to the emotions...

commonsense America isnt racist
07/01/13 9:48 am

I agree with jonfrei, it doesn't seem common at all. Common would be 10-20 a day in your city alone. Like the arrests that are performed, to help protect you and society.

Fjolsvin Midgard
07/01/13 7:08 am

This will not stop until we the people stand up to the largest street gang in America. Don't help them in any way, always vote to convict cope and never vote to convict any one accused of assaulting an officer or resisting arrest. If jury box fails..

jonfrei the boonies
07/01/13 9:40 am

I guess we can flag your address as a reduced response location... Hope you never need our help...

Fjolsvin Midgard
07/01/13 9:49 am

I was a foolish young man once and called a street gang when my truck was broke into no response, the second time no response, shots fired let us know when it's over and we will collect evidence (never did) three times burned I don't need you thanks

Fjolsvin Midgard
07/01/13 9:51 am

Not to say you won't come with a botched warrant, or no warrant break info a house shoot the animals while they run away, hold the home owner at gunpoint and taze him for taking back. No thank you badge carrying gangsters are not welcome

jonfrei the boonies
07/01/13 9:54 am

No sweat dude - just shoot me your address so we can be sure to downgrade any response...

Fjolsvin Midgard
07/01/13 9:56 am

Or maybe the "heroes" will beat to death while I beg them to stop and beg for my father to help? Or maybe they will rape me with their gun or baton or radio or shoot was that my tazer or my gun I get them confused all the time.

Fjolsvin Midgard
07/01/13 9:57 am

What response cop sucker? You never came when I called you why should you start now? Get back on your knees and blow the big blue....

rebelfury76 No Justice, No Peace
07/01/13 10:14 am

Haha Jon, it wouldn't surprise me if you folks are that vindictive and petty. Your oath to assist does not end when someone disagrees with you. Please turn in your equipment.

jonfrei the boonies
07/01/13 10:19 am

He's the one who chose to live in California. You seem to be just as clueless at times. Stereotype away - I'm used to listening to ignorance.

jonfrei the boonies
07/01/13 10:21 am

And you obviously have no clue what oath(s) I've taken - one to "assist" -- don't exist...

Fjolsvin Midgard
07/01/13 10:31 am

That's right Scotus ruled you don't have to protect anyone. You are a useless group of thugs who do as you like. I long for the day when law was enforced by the people not black shirted thugs with no regard

rebelfury76 No Justice, No Peace
07/01/13 11:04 am

Kk beat me to it.

Just keep collecting that paycheck. You should go back to school and remember what sir Robert envisioned for your profession.

DunkinFrunk Austin area, Texas
07/01/13 7:03 am

Seems like the cops are always looking for a reason to shoot something. It just makes me sick.

Liberty 4,032,064
07/01/13 6:40 am

Trespassing, Breaking & Entering, Vandalism, Reckless Endangerment, etc.

skinner Jersey City
07/02/13 1:58 pm

Technically if given a warrant they should be able to enter a home to retrieve intelligence and suspects. Otherwise you would just have anarchy and we all know how strongly you are against that.

Liberty 4,032,064
07/02/13 2:01 pm

The assailants had no warrant. They were at the wrong house.

Liberty 4,032,064
07/02/13 2:05 pm

...and the assailants should be made to make restitution for their mistake, yes?

skinner Jersey City
07/02/13 2:06 pm

The individual officers no, whoever gave the tip should be put on trial.

jonfrei the boonies
07/01/13 9:39 am

And you've walked in their shoes exactly HOW far? Love the generalizations. Bet you hate stereotypes, too...

Emily33 North Carolina
07/01/13 5:58 am

At the very least, they shot the dog, they should be paying the vet bills, but of course, they aren't. Not to mention the article said they were close to shooting the grandchild. It's awful things like this happen

jonfrei the boonies
07/01/13 9:37 am

No, that's NOT what the article said - read it again and quit playing bleeding heart rabble rouser...

alek12 Orlando
07/01/13 5:56 am

Wtf dude. Don't shoot a dog! That is so sad and I feel for the owner :/

Liberty 4,032,064
07/01/13 5:40 am

The cop should be held criminally responsible for his destruction of the owner's property.

rebelfury76 No Justice, No Peace
07/01/13 5:42 am

All they have to claim is that they felt threatened. It's so absurd.

leary Dulag Luft
07/01/13 5:36 am

Police state.