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rebelfury76 July 1st, 2013 9:50am

If you have a problem with a neighbor are you more likely to try to resolve it yourself or outsource it to cops?

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pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
07/01/13 2:38 pm

Depends on the neighbor and the issue. Crazy drug dealer hollering outside my window? I'm calling the cops.
Dog crap in the yard I can handle myself.

07/01/13 10:29 am

I have a new neighbor who makes a lot of noise. I'm going to resolve it with them soon. My parents had a similar issue, they had to call the police.

Fjolsvin Midgard
07/01/13 7:09 am

Don't ever call a street gang for help.

DunkinFrunk Austin area, Texas
07/01/13 6:16 am

I don't call the police.

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
07/01/13 6:08 am

I'm not a neighborly person. I need a house in the middle of a Few acres....
But i've never had a problem with anyone. Just been lucky so far.

Liberty 4,032,064
07/01/13 5:42 am

I'm an adult. I have no use for such interference.

Nizabelle Cambridge, MA
07/01/13 3:05 am

Unless my neighbor was trying to murder me I don't see why I would involve the cops; they're too busy giving traffic tickets out anyway

EarlyBird Portland
07/01/13 4:32 am

⬆ This

Fjolsvin Midgard
07/01/13 8:08 am

If your neighbor is trying to kill you seconds count the street gang is only minutes away...