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love4life July 1st, 2013 5:55am

Does it bother you when you can hear the bass from a nearby car?

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meaning Red Stick
07/02/13 7:59 am

They see me rollin' they hatin'

07/01/13 9:05 pm

Loud bass is the equivalent to sitting on a plane next to someone who should have bought two seats

07/01/13 4:35 pm


kateXcore Dark side of the moon
07/01/13 4:07 pm

I just crank my Bose audio speakers up even louder, until I can no longer hear it. :)

Nukimo NC Dreaming of Far Away
07/01/13 12:25 pm

I spent years listening to &/or playing loud music in studio or on stage & now have hearing loss W/2days earbuds, loud, brain jarring bass & I expect we'll see more people w/hearing loss & some even "punch drunk" relatively soon. It's not worth it.

cyanospool The Deep North
07/01/13 11:56 am

Doesn't bother me in the slightest. Also, I should confess that sometimes I'm the asshat with the booming car. I usually keep my windows up though.

07/01/13 9:30 am

There is a reason I have my windows up and am listening to my own music. Because I don't want to listen to yours. Turn that sh!t down!

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
07/01/13 6:51 am

I try to imagine i know the song theyre playing.
My car has too much bass
I have it turned all the way down and it still thumps. I dont blast it in residential areas though.

Kay41 the Midwest
07/01/13 6:19 am

This is going to sound weird but if it is too loud it actually makes me feel physically sick.

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
07/01/13 6:52 am

My friend had a show car that would make your brain feel like it was going to leave your skull. Its just stupid.

Kay41 the Midwest
07/01/13 6:52 am

Not noises in general....just the bass. Must be the frequency.

07/01/13 6:56 am

That's happened to me too kay! Only if it's really realllyyyy deep.

jmz1202 Sacramento
07/01/13 8:50 am

Me too. When the bass is too loud, my ears feel like they are going to explode.

07/01/13 9:28 am

Me too! It gives me a really unsettling feeling in my chest, like the music is going to make my heart explode.

Kay41 the Midwest
07/01/13 5:11 pm

Good to know it isn't just me!

07/01/13 6:16 am

It's great I look over, give the other driver a nod, and start rocking out in my own car to their music! But then when the light turns green I get sad...

kilokalex Sanity is for the weak
07/01/13 6:13 am

Yes more than likely my tax dollars funded it.

07/01/13 6:17 am

Like your tax dollars funded the music artist? Or they funded the car stereo? Or the radio station?

kilokalex Sanity is for the weak
07/01/13 6:27 am

Probably all of the above. Hang out at work force solutions or a food stamp office and its like a high end car show.

jmw7477 Indiana
07/01/13 5:50 am

No because I probably can't hear theirs over mine.

c2alife Long Island
07/01/13 5:39 am

I find it soooo irritating! When I pull up to a red light and "feel" the music and see my rear view mirror vibrating from the car next to me , it's always a guy with all 4 windows rolled down, regardless of the weather. So embarrassed for them

DavesNotHere where am I
07/01/13 4:23 am

Bothers me when someone parks their car by a neighbors home and you can hear it over your TV.

EarlyBird Portland
07/01/13 4:08 am

I like it, especially if I know the song.

MrLucchese If curious, ask.
07/01/13 1:48 am

It's not good, it's not bad. I like it less frequently than I don't. :P

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
07/01/13 12:28 am

It bothers me more when I'm in my bedroom and the car is parked a block away.

Nizabelle Cambridge, MA
07/01/13 12:17 am

It doesn't bother me at all, I love music as long as it isn't bad haha

Kris Humidity Central
06/30/13 11:19 pm

Especially at 2 in the morning and its louder than the thunder

susanr Colorado
06/30/13 11:00 pm

I find it annoying & rude, but I try to ignore it & hope it goes away soon.

love4life wonderland
06/30/13 10:57 pm

I kind of love it haha and if the driver happens to be attractive... Well its just that much better ;)

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
06/30/13 11:06 pm

Haha, I am like you, love! Sometimes the beat is the best part of the song. If I hear a nice beat, sometimes I'll try to hear the song and see if I can recognize it!

love4life wonderland
06/30/13 11:09 pm

Haha me too! I love bass :D and I don't mind it from others at all...if mine isn't louder :p

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
06/30/13 11:13 pm

Haha! Right on, girl! Jam out! (Insert "rock on" emoji here)
My choice of music is smooth jazz and sometimes the music is so awesome, I'll turn it all the way up and rock out. The looks I get sometimes.. Priceless.

love4life wonderland
06/30/13 11:16 pm

Lol I can only imagine. Its not every day you see someone blasting smooth jazz :p

07/01/13 1:10 am

Have you ever blasted classical music? Bass harpsichord is something to behold.

love4life wonderland
07/01/13 7:51 am

Lol I haven't tried that yet :p