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ohsheesh July 1st, 2013 4:52am

Does anyone know how to get tar off vinyl?

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07/01/13 6:18 am

How do you get tar on vinyl...

ohsheesh florida
07/01/13 7:55 am

There are these signs around here that say 'only rain down the drain the sound starts here'and they're stuck on the ground with tar by the storm drains and all the streets are getting redone so i asked a guy if i could get one

07/01/13 9:23 am

Haha well hope you can get it off...

DavesNotHere where am I
07/01/13 5:40 am

Peanut butter oil will take it off. From consumer reports 1001 home remedies.

Emma Austin.ish.
07/01/13 12:14 am

you'd definitely need to use a hydrocarbon. I think South Padre Island provided kerosene to get tar off of visitors' feet after the oil spill a long time ago.

Jungle in the dog house
06/30/13 10:42 pm

You might try acetone.

love4life wonderland
06/30/13 10:42 pm

Use like goo be gone? I think

susanr Colorado
06/30/13 10:22 pm

Vinyl flooring? Vinyl upholstery?

susanr Colorado
06/30/13 10:50 pm

I'd try Goo Gone or WD-40, very carefully. Either might also life the decal from the surface it's on, so use just a little; don't flood it. Maybe on a q-tip. I'd test a tiny area first toast sure it doesn't damage the surface or the decal design.

susanr Colorado
06/30/13 10:59 pm

You're welcome. I hope that helps, without screwing up anything!

You might try gently scraping off the bulk if it first, with something blunt, being careful not to mar the surface.