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fixitlater June 30th, 2013 10:41pm

Have you ever been pushed into a corner and had to stand your ground even through the threat of divorce death or disfigurement?

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KatG Liberal in Ohio
06/30/13 6:17 pm

Cornering me only makes me dig my heels in deeper.

fixitlater My Life
07/01/13 2:44 pm

I believe that-- the perfect storm.

PeanutButterJulie Cincinnati
06/30/13 3:51 pm

Good to see you back on here! It's been awhile....
This situation hasn't happened to me, but I think I would end up caving.

fixitlater My Life
07/01/13 2:45 pm

Glad to be home. 3 weeks of military training and glad to be home!

peacefullife Land of Moss
06/30/13 3:51 pm

Thankfully the reason for answering yes was only once. Regularly, I face harsh criticism for my lifestyle choices (the diet I chose to follow, mainly)… but that won't result in divorce, death, or disfigurement!