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mtbRIDER Gone riding...
06/30/13 5:33 pm

I'm loving the fact that everyone has an appreciation for the great outdoors! It puts a smile on my face :)

redwolf thisisavalidlocation
06/30/13 5:13 pm

So far, my favorite has been Denali. I worked there last summer and fell in love with the park. Went camping every weekend throughout the summer. But I also love Glacier NP

redwolf thisisavalidlocation
06/30/13 5:14 pm

And I don't plan to stop visiting them either.

AnnaRose Texas
06/30/13 4:21 pm

Sleeping Bear Dunes. I think they're a national park but I'm not sure so...

jpater Au2O3
06/30/13 2:00 pm

My backyard shares a boundary line with national park land, so ummmm yeah! :)

Favorites: Yosemite, Acadia, Glacier, Zion, Mesa Verde, Olympic.

Bucket list: Denali, Big Bend

bMyComrade Beantown
06/30/13 12:41 pm

I'm in love with both Glacier and Yellowstone...but I'm probably biased what with being from Montana and all.

mtbRIDER Gone riding...
06/30/13 3:38 pm

You are not biased one bit... They are AWESOME!! Spent 10 days there last year and can't wait to go back :)

love4life wonderland
06/30/13 12:33 pm

Who doesn't? :p

mtbRIDER Gone riding...
06/30/13 12:31 pm

At Zion right now and it's great (a bit hot at the moment), but Yellowstone is my favorite to date.