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funkytownchic June 30th, 2013 7:14pm

Do you wish to be cremated or buried when you pass away?

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07/01/13 4:08 pm

I hate the thought of being burned. Definitely burial.

06/30/13 10:06 pm

Mausoleum style. Next to wifey

larkspur one race. human.
06/30/13 7:32 pm

I don't care. Whatever my kids decide is fine with me. Maybe they need a place to go visit, or maybe they want to divide me up and keep some of me with each of them?

PAK the Armpit of Florida
06/30/13 3:18 pm

I don't care. Whatever ritual brings my family comfort in their mourning process is fine with me.

drcynic Pittsburgh, PA
06/30/13 2:34 pm

I just don't want to be forgotten. I'm honestly scared to death of either option. Whatever happens though, I just don't want to be completely forgotten.

Diogenes FreeMeBe
06/30/13 12:37 pm

Ashes to ashes.

funkytownchic Fort Worth
06/30/13 12:17 pm

Recently I realized I really want to be cremated. The thought of rotting away over a long time is upsetting.

I don't care where my ashes are spread, just someplace pretty.

EarlyBird Portland
06/30/13 12:30 pm

I agree and realized it when I was about 10. Ashes are just cleaner.