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montie June 30th, 2013 6:42pm

Could true libertarianism ever work in a governing body?

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Keldeo Laverre City
06/30/13 1:29 pm

Yes it could. It's the most ideal form.

06/30/13 12:42 pm

I'd say yes, but we could probably have an argument over what a libertarian society would look like. In the poll last night about federal funded stem cell research, one comment said he/she was libertarian but would support that. That's not my ...

06/30/13 12:43 pm

... definition of being libertarian.

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
06/30/13 11:58 am

Yes, it's the closest thing to anarchy that would actually work. It's freedom in a society that's still has structure and consequences for wrong doings.

montie AnCap and proud
06/30/13 11:51 am

The question I have (unfortunately you can't post 3-4 layered questions on SOH) is how far can you go with limited and open government until it is ineffective?

Cruz2016 Rum Bum Beach City
06/30/13 11:59 am

If you follow the constitution and limit government to what it was intended for then there should be no limit to it's success. We didn't start having problems until government began taking more power and control of our lives.

skinner Jersey City
06/30/13 11:48 am

Sure it could, I hope one day it has the chance to do that.