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Do you think e-cigarettes are just as unhealthy as traditional cigarettes?

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JHawk3205 MD
08/22/16 3:59 pm

Nobody is saying its healthy. It's safe to say its a healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes, it's less unhealthy than traditional cigarettes by miles. Christ, I quit smoking and started using an e cigarette, haven't been sick once in over 3 years. Cigarettes contain thousands of known carcinogens. E cigarettes may, may contain a few at most. No, it's not healthy, but its a fantastic alternative and they work, in many cases better than alternative quitting aids. Don't fall for big tobaccos propaganda that keeps people going back to their known killer products

Tariq5 Utah
08/21/16 5:48 pm

No, maybe not just as unhealthy, but yeah possibly unhealthy to some extent.

FalloutBoy97 Ohio
08/19/16 11:06 pm

I vape everyday. It's not seriously detrimental to one's health, but I will concede that there is very little long-term data on e cigs

rebelfury76 No Justice, No Peace
08/19/16 8:21 pm

Anyone who says yes is simply ignorant of the objective facts.

tdaddy Kentucky
08/17/16 10:56 pm

Not unless heart trouble, strokes, and breathing problems are common in your family. If so, try to stop vamping or slow down to just a few hits a day.

catpillow Florida West Coast
08/17/16 9:49 pm

I think overall vapor may be safer, but I'm not going to blindly trust that it's safe without knowing exactly what is in it.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
08/17/16 9:14 pm

No particulate matter—>No lung cancer.

Domino3 Abolish the ATF
08/17/16 8:49 pm

Hell its so much safer. The government and big tobacco just wants profit on the shit and tells us otherwise now since the FDA dug their hands in it

CudOfCow Oregon
08/17/16 6:34 pm

Addiction is addiction. The health portion never really bothered me as a smoker. Knowing that I was a patsy to a shitty product that I was forced to use even when I had the flu or it was negative ten degrees out was what got me to quit. The cost savings alone was worth it. Fuck nicotine.

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
08/17/16 5:18 pm

This is not an opinion.
They are much healthier than tobacco cigs.

j20strod Kansas
08/17/16 5:10 pm

They are better but still not healthy because of some of the chemicals they put in the flavored. And I also know quite few guys that do both.

Iamamerican California
08/17/16 4:57 pm

One of my kids used e-cigs to stop smoking. When he got down to zero nicotine he was done with cigarettes and vaping.

Domino3 Abolish the ATF
08/17/16 8:49 pm

That's what I'm doing.

08/17/16 4:41 pm

No nicotine that e cigs give you isn't unhealthy as it only gives you nicotine which isn't unhealthy the unhealthy part of a cigarette is all the chemicals they put in it

tty USA
08/17/16 7:21 pm

Any smoke inhaled isn't good for lungs.

DeathSheep Michigan
08/17/16 7:24 pm

There is no smoke with e-cigs. It's a vapor. It vaporizes a liquid that is then inhaled by the user.

08/17/16 7:25 pm

It's vapor not smoke bub

tty USA
08/17/16 7:30 pm

I realize the difference. Misunderstood question.

rebelfury76 No Justice, No Peace
08/19/16 8:22 pm

This is why they're banned everywhere, people still think it's smoke

xxxceo Nationalist
08/17/16 4:27 pm

It's like comparing Trump to Clinton. Neither is great, but one is definitely better than the other.

Ebola1 Florida
08/17/16 4:05 pm

Not nearly as dangerous as cigarettes.

gelina44 Springfield, MO
08/17/16 3:29 pm

We know already the 2nd hand effects are less if any at all and that alone is enough for me to be in favor.

Congressman Louisiana
08/17/16 3:13 pm

The hardest thing about gaping is telling you're gay.

08/17/16 2:43 pm

Woah a 50/50 split.

rambo088 kansas
08/17/16 2:08 pm

The only thing bad for you in e cigs is the nicotene. There's a lot of BS going around that they put formaldehyde in it

gelina44 Springfield, MO
08/17/16 2:48 pm

The irony being that traditional cigarettes definitely do make them with formaldehyde

Zod Above Pugetropolis
08/17/16 1:44 pm

Not even close, although they might be able to be made to be, with deliberate effort.

susanr Colorado
08/17/16 12:48 pm

Hard to say, since we don't know what the hell is in most of them.

I voted no, though, since at least we know it isn't tobacco smoke.

They should be regulated, so we know what chemicals are in them, and how much, and so that they are labeled as such. And so that nothing really awful is in them. If they contain nicotine, that should be on the label, and the refills (which could contain dangerous amounts) should be made so that children can't accidentally get access to the contents. At least, I've read that that has been an issue. I don't know if *any* of this stuff is still an issue.

rambo088 kansas
08/17/16 3:04 pm

We do know what's in them

rambo088 kansas
08/17/16 3:05 pm

They also label the PG/VG ratio and ingredients

smacc DunningKruger
08/17/16 12:26 pm

It depends. One vs the other in most cases E wins. It's very possible on the other hand that they increase exposure and addiction. Without regulation the can become less safe.

JennaF sunflower state of mind
08/17/16 11:51 am

It's not really a matter of opinion. E-cigs are objectively less unhealthy than regular cigs.

SHIPPY1944 Tn.
08/17/16 11:38 am

I guess VAP's are the lesser of 2 evils. At least they aren't marked by a surgeon general warning.

bnnt Los Angeles
08/17/16 11:37 am

They're not as bad, but still bad to a point. They shouldn't be treated as normal cigarettes.

hhall53 Tennessee
08/17/16 10:29 am

Tried to quit smoking by vaping and all it did was make me more dependent on nicotine.

08/17/16 10:11 am

Not at all. It's vapour inhalation, and an excellent tool for people who want an easier way to quit cigarettes. Banning and restricting them is irrational and nothing more than a 'feel good'.

08/17/16 10:18 am

Thank you for your opinion, now give us some facts😷

pjpony Sacramento, CA
08/17/16 12:04 pm

You are right, and studies have shown that they can help traditional smokers quit smoking. However, when young people start using e-cigarettes they can still become addicted to the nicotine and are more likely to start smoking traditional cigarettes than their peers

rambo088 kansas
08/17/16 1:59 pm

Not really. Cigarette smoke will make you cough bad if you only vape. The kids that do it mostly like the flavors

mstory918 Manhattan
08/17/16 9:49 am

Hope they're not bad. I went from a pack of Marlboro reds a day for almost 15 years to less than a pack a year with ecigs. I never intended to quit smoking. I just wanted to supplement the cigarettes with the ecig and I just kind of quit instead.

Congressman Louisiana
08/17/16 9:47 am

Anything other that natural air introduced to your lungs is not healthy. Period.

svenalexander Land of the Ents
08/17/16 11:56 am

Well yeah, but the question was asking if it was AS unhealthy as traditional cigarettes

swervin Maryland
08/17/16 5:24 pm

What about Nitrox, Trimix, and Heliox? They aren't "natural air".

pjpony Sacramento, CA
08/17/16 9:02 am

If they contain nicotine then they are still addictive and therefore still bad for you, however they do not contain all the other toxic substances found in cigarettes so I would say that they are not AS unhealthy. But we really need to do more research on the long term effects.

mstory918 Manhattan
08/17/16 9:46 am

Just cause something is addictive doesn't mean it's bad. Caffeine is addictive (yes, MINOR negative side effects (increased heart rate, etc.). You could be addicted to the adrenaline high of skydiving or race car driving. Doesn't mean it's bad for you.

08/17/16 11:47 am

Sure sounds like it's bad for you though.

pjpony Sacramento, CA
08/17/16 12:00 pm

Nicotine also increases blood pressure and heart rate and several studies have shown that it has adverse affects on fetal development especially brain development. There is also evidence of serious withdrawal symptoms and nicotine is potentially lethal at a high enough dose. Now, there are tons of other chemicals in traditional cigarettes that cause these issues but studies have been done on just nicotine that show these effects. So in this case, the fact that nicotine is so addictive means that you are continuously causing harm to your body. As far as overdosing, it is highly unlikely that someone would overdose through smoking but accidentally ingesting the e-cigarette liquid could cause an overdose.

MyRedSkirt Cali
08/17/16 9:01 am

Many smokers have used them to quit or lower their cigarette use. That's a good thing.
The negative is that vaping is a gateway tool to smoking. Stats show that e-cig use has increased cigarette use among teens.

Centre Seattle Centrist
08/17/16 8:52 am

They're very bad for you, but they don't have fuçking TAR!

badattitude no place like home
08/17/16 8:30 am

As long as you're getting known safe ingredients. The Chinese will put anything in there, including poison, as long as they make a profit. The basic ingredient of propylene glycol has been tested more than just about anything. And they can't find that there's anything harmful with it. Nicotine actually has some healing effects, which is why some people live into their 90's while smoking. So vape, not smoke.

LochnessMonsta tree fiddy
08/17/16 8:13 am

Trust me trust me trust me..... I used to smoke, getting brohncitis everyother week was hell. Then I switched to vaping and (knock on wood) have yet to get brohncitus. Now six months after quiting I no longer cough up phlegm or have trouble breathing.

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
08/17/16 8:28 am

I know, right? My mom used to have really bad coughing fits constantly. I could hear her breathing from a room away. It sounded like she was getting emphysema. Once she switched to e-cigs, the coughing fits stopped and her breathing became normal once again. I can barely hear it when I'm next to her, let alone in the other room. These things save lives and the naive try to vilify them. It pisses me off.

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
08/17/16 8:04 am

Yeah, nicotine (sometimes), water vapor, FDA approved food coloring and flavoring are *just* as dangerous as cigarettes with their thousands of chemicals and carcinogens. Seriously? Who are the immensely naive answering "yes" to this question? It's not even close, not even a contest. What a ridiculous assertion.

08/17/16 7:55 am

Just as unhealthy? Of course not! They aren't good for you but the don't involve inhaling smoke, there no tar, or other residues from the burning, and the nicotine level is adjustable by the user. So know they aren't as bad, they should still be regulated and keeps from kids but for many they are step in the right direction.

08/17/16 7:49 am

I used to smoke. I quit by vaping than quit altogether. I'll say this, my lungs felt better when I caped than when I smoked.

08/17/16 7:47 am

They probably are unhealthy. But your an idiot if you think that ecigs are as or more unhealthy than real cigarettes.

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
08/17/16 7:39 am

No way. They're not exactly a "healthy alternative" but they're definitely safer. I know many people who have successfully used them to aid in quitting smoking.

raywygo Pittsburgh
08/17/16 6:56 am

Cigarettes are still worse. But ecigs are still not heathy.

jmcolema Greensboro
08/17/16 6:40 am

It's not vapor. It's aerosol consisting of tiny metallic particles being soaked up by your lungs. The jury is still out and it will take a few more years to see the serious effects of e-cigs. I work in healthcare and have consistently seen medical journal articles and lectures preaching the harm in e-cigs. We shall see.

sweetnes34 Outta Phucks
08/17/16 7:30 am

Aren't they finding something called popcorn lungs in people who vape?

suppressedID suck it Kyle
08/17/16 6:37 am


But I didn't think it was possible to create anything that looked more idiotic than smoking...but then they created vaping. At least the smoke itself is less offensive to bystanders.

sweetnes34 Outta Phucks
08/17/16 7:29 am

Except when it's that flavored crap. I've walked past the idiots smoking cherry (or other flavors) and its sickening sweet. I love the schmucks who feel the need to vape everywhere even grocery stores

Spiritof76 USA 1776
08/17/16 6:33 am

Probably, but who cares? Smoking anything should be your choice. I understand eating donuts is very unhealthy and can lead to heart disease/obesity, yet they are sold just about everywhere.

sweetnes34 Outta Phucks
08/17/16 7:31 am

But you eating a donut doesn't affect my health

CodyV California
08/17/16 8:44 am

And him smoking does?

sweetnes34 Outta Phucks
08/17/16 8:46 am

2nd hand smoke sure does

JackQHu Durham, NC
08/17/16 10:02 am

Last week when I was vacationing in California, there were people smoking all over the place. There was this one time when I had to say something, it was so bad. Glad no one in my family smokes.

mikeyDe Marine Corps
08/17/16 11:01 am

2nd had E-cig's vapor doesn't effect any bystanders health. So that's good.

rambo088 kansas
08/17/16 2:02 pm

Lol the effects of second hand smoke are highly exaggerated. Unless you're hot boxing it in a car it won't affect you any more than an a match

costco17 New York
08/19/16 9:58 am

I feel like smoking is different because you do it just to quell the addiction. Someone who isn't addicted to donuts will still enjoy them, while the same can't be said for cigarettes. Not to mention how it drains your bank account, second-hand smoke if you live with's just a bad habit all around.

phalnx Ohio
08/17/16 6:17 am

Not even close. Smoke from traditional cigarettes clogs up your lungs and causes emphysema and COPD, as well as lung cancer. Water vapor is just water. The chemicals themselves are the only danger, and can easily be changed/tweaked if necessary.

captaingop99 liberalism is dead
08/17/16 6:14 am

I hope we can end all cigarette smoking forever in the future! And vape in the place of it.

getupbaby South City
08/17/16 6:12 am

While I'm sure we'll learn something terrible about vamping, there's absolutely no way it can be as bad as burning stuff into your lungs! This should have way different results.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
08/17/16 6:10 am

We don't know for sure yet. I doubt they are uber healthy, because you're still inhaling mad-made chemicals, but they might be slightly healthier than traditional cigarettes & I know many use them to get off cigarettes, so that's a plus.

gonzoboy Arizona
08/17/16 5:57 am

Cigarettes have been studied exhaustively and've been around for centuries, but e-cigs only since the turn of THIS century. So, clearly, the data on potential for harm with e-cigs is much more sparse. I would only offer that with e-cigs, one is not inhaling the by-product of combustion. On the other hand, I've seen folks take a vape on an e-cig and blow out clouds of smoke so thick, they literally walk themselves down the street! IMHO, I fail to see the health advantages of this, UNLESS it is being used as a temporary stepping-stone to eventually becoming nicotine free.

political Georgia
08/17/16 5:55 am

Probably so - let's just put it this way, it's sure not healthy.