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IronSpiderchan August 17th, 2016 3:21am

Would Africa be a better place if European's did not colonize it?

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08/16/16 11:59 pm

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Mackinaw Wolverine State, est.1837
08/16/16 8:54 pm

Well, without imperialism the Europeans wouldn't have manufactured hatred between tribes where none had existed. We also wouldn't have these countries with random ass borders splitting tribes in half and making other countries one third Christian, Muslim, and tribal African.

gameplayer2014 Constipated Clefable
08/16/16 9:00 pm

Eh. I think you're off. Tribe were always warring. Look at the native Americans whites exterminated! They always fought. Some even allied against a common enemy and then turned of their ally just to gain land or get a monkey off their back.

Mackinaw Wolverine State, est.1837
08/16/16 9:04 pm

Yeah, they were often at war. However I think given enough time they would have consolidated into states and gained some semblance of peace.

Either way, regardless of whether the Europeans did good or not doesn't make it right.

GingerFascist Ireland
08/16/16 8:42 pm

No, if it was not for Europe in Sub-Saharan Africa it would be even more of a backwater then it is today.

IronSpiderchan Communism is a disease
08/16/16 8:25 pm

I think it would be a much better place if after Europeans during decolonization actually cared about what they were doing when making borders

MediaBlackout Carry on, Carry on.
08/16/16 8:27 pm

They were being forced out, why should they care about their borders?

Plus, borders can be changed. Africans are so dependent they can't make their own.

Yankeemike Sell the Knicks Dolan
08/16/16 8:54 pm

Is it really forced out when they forcefully took over?