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MLDarby August 16th, 2016 9:47pm

Universal or single payer health care is a government run system like the VA that administers the entire health care system from doctors to hospitals. Given that all Americans working will be taxed to fund this system, is it a good idea?

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suppressedID suck it Kyle
08/17/16 12:17 am

Given that all Americans benefit from it - both directly and from a healthier population - yes.

suppressedID suck it Kyle
08/17/16 12:17 am

Not really a good analogy. The VA is moving to Obamacare policies.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
08/17/16 12:07 am

You want it to run with the office efficiency of the DMV?
Call you doctor and be on hold for hours like when calling Social Security or the IRS?
You want geniuses like those who built to run excel to see if you're worth the cost?

gameplayer2014 Constipated Clefable
08/16/16 9:37 pm

Quit taxing me. I pay enough. No wonder people want to raise the minimum wage. College kids can't even make a buck to pay rent.

Patriot77 Wyoming
08/16/16 3:07 pm

There's plenty of evidence to prove that a government run healthcare system doesn't work. Just look at how bad the VA is functioning. Veterans are dying while waiting in line for their care.

Malekithe My pronouns are GFY
08/16/16 3:00 pm

The government is corrupt and incompetent