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02/24/12 9:09 am

And to people calling Romney liberal; Really?!? What because he's not 100% agreeing with everything the GOP says he's liberal? That's like saying Obama is a conservative for not repealing the Patriot Act.

02/24/12 9:05 am

I think it's sad how divided our nation is because of political parties. Some of the reasoning behind why people oppose/support a candidate is sickening. Vote based off of policy not religion or how their name sounds.

02/23/12 4:00 pm

Romney is a fake republican cocksuckers... Romney blows obamas plastic dick...

GuyFaukes Iowa
02/20/12 8:29 pm

who cares about the dog on the roof...he is a slimeball. look at his eyes. I paused and zoomed in...I saw 666 in his pupils.

steel-jack Utah
02/16/12 9:04 pm

I think an unstoppable team would be Mitt and Ron Paul!!

HolyBabble Mississippi
02/15/12 3:21 pm

Mitt bent him over and santorum a new one.

02/15/12 12:32 pm

Santorum is a madman. But by all means, Republicans, go ahead and vote for him! He'll never win, anyway.

02/14/12 9:52 am

Santorum is a homophobic bigot and wants to press his beliefs on the American people. That's unacceptable and should never be allowed. Keep your beliefs to yourself and run the damn country right. Who can do that best? Dr. Ron Paul.

mixhead Oregon
02/14/12 6:04 am

@walrus Dont forget he's a doctor and has stated he would rather be doing that but cares too much about corruption and path our country is heading.

mixhead Oregon
02/14/12 6:01 am

@walrus Career politician? Even tho he's never voted to raise confessional pay and always puts a portion of his paycheck back into the Treasury? Have you seen his voting record and observed his campaign contributions? What about him retiring from congress to focus on presidential run?

02/13/12 6:36 am

I could vote for Ron Paul but he is a career politician.

02/13/12 6:32 am

Obama is dangerous. He is against everything.

palindrome California
02/12/12 11:29 pm

I'd definitely go for Santorum bc Obama would trounce him! If the GOP really had cojones, they'd choose Ron Paul, if Ron Paul had GOP resources and seemed like a viable candidate, I'm pretty sure he'd give Obama a pink slip. But I'll still say.....

Obama 2012

02/12/12 10:13 pm

That Santorum is dangerous. He is against everything!!

02/12/12 3:28 pm

I don't like either but Rick is more ignorant.

02/11/12 6:06 pm

Learn the entire story before you say the large Irish Setter may have liked it:

02/11/12 5:52 pm

the media refuses to mention Ron Paul except to mention newsletters which happened decades ago that didn't even write, while they refuse to show Rick in anything close to a negative light-- it would displease too many faithful or uninformed people voting for a religious, backwards candidate.

02/11/12 5:47 pm

wouldn't have been unsafe, provided 1. sturdy cage, 2. well tied, etc.

02/11/12 5:46 pm

santorum is quoted as comparing homosexual intercourse to bestiality. he's a lowdown, greedy, puppet of religion. as for e recent comments on Romney, there may not have been space, and it wasn't unsafe. heck, the dog might have even enjoyed it-- they DO stick their heads out the window.

02/11/12 3:40 pm

Hoping for Ricky since anyone who is for banning All contraception will go down in flames easily

ncbuc Get Over It
02/11/12 3:09 pm

Anyone but Romney. If I made 1/2mil a year. Definitely Romney. Otherwise it's preposterous to think he cares about anyone else.

02/11/12 12:25 pm

Bnelson, playing with a dead relatives body I'd honoring it? Treating it like it was alive? Attempting to feed it? I didn't do that to any of my dead relatives. And putting a dog in a cage on the top of a car is abuse. There is a reason that there is space inside the car.

02/11/12 11:20 am

If you had know a dog's love, you would not tied your dog to the top of the roof for a road trip. The only reason it was a mistake for mitt is because it truly reveals his character in this current public GOP circus act. He wears a mask. Santorum is even worse but I won't go there.

02/11/12 11:07 am

bnelson: Seamus was not a mistake. Guess you have never known the loving friendship from a canine. Which is sad.

02/11/12 10:38 am

Also, stop arguing about mythical creators. This question simply asked which douche you like best. I can't believe people are fighting about religion on this question. Someday the religious reich will die out and our country will be a little less moronic.

02/11/12 10:33 am

Santorum is the frothy byproduct of a••l sex. Romney isn't much better.

nelsor Catholic
02/11/12 9:37 am

@bio and 32: must be nice to have never made a mistake or honored a dead relative

02/11/12 8:37 am

Bioexpert, not to mention taking that dead baby home.

02/11/12 8:14 am

I'm not crazy about Obama but at least he is somewhere in the realm of sane behavior.

02/11/12 8:12 am

Mitt shows his character in many ways. I don't care how long ago it was, but for someone who could put his sick Irish Setter on top on his car in a cage on a 12 hour trip on the highway shows a serious pattern of sociopathy. Sociopathy is a character trait that does not cease in time.

02/11/12 7:22 am

People love a front-runner.

People are stupid too.

02/11/12 1:21 am

But you probably think the universe was created especially for you. So you're a narcissist as well..

02/11/12 1:20 am

I stopped reading after you said "God clearly said". Ok prophet. The creator of the universe personally told you exactly what one specific species on one specific planet should ingest to metabolize energy?

02/11/12 1:17 am

Robot vs. Moron. The new alien vs. predator.

02/10/12 9:38 pm

Bnelson God clearly states that "no food is unclean" and that he "put animals in this earth to do with what we want" he also says he made animals to "fear us"

02/10/12 9:37 pm


02/10/12 9:28 pm

bnelson, I am a happy carnivore who does not eat vegetables too often. Sorry, your wrong AGAIN! What a surprise!

nelsor Catholic
02/10/12 8:57 pm

You do not believe humans are made in the image and likeness of God and are superior to all animals? (you'd then have to be a vegetarian)

I *love*repeating myself - sperm, if left alone don't become a baby, but a fertilized egg does!

02/10/12 8:24 pm

Bnelson, our civilization advanced a little faster, into society. Animals are also smart enough to have a society. We are actually not that smart compared I some species. We just use resources better. Also, as humans we are animals, and is sperm isn't a human yet, then a fetus isn't either.

02/10/12 8:15 pm

Ha google Santorum I dare you. [Mature only]

nelsor Catholic
02/10/12 7:29 pm

Animals ain't people, I hope you realize we are separate and NOT equal to them - if you want evidence I suggest the smart phone in you hand that no monkey has yet produced - as such we have this thing called morality

nelsor Catholic
02/10/12 7:29 pm

Sperm ain't a person - of left alone it dies - a fertilized egg, if left alone becomes a baby

02/10/12 7:19 pm

or heck, outside the womb, like sound for instance

02/10/12 7:16 pm

still @32 some the environment in the womb has nothing to do with any form of personality development.