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gameplayer2014 August 15th, 2016 11:07pm

You're stuck in a bunker and all you have to drink is either cold milk or iced water. You can only pick one to drink for the rest of your life. Which is it? Don't ask why it's a bunker. Better than a stupid island.. -___-

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XercesBlue ...
08/15/16 6:21 pm

Isn't this the same question as "Which do you like most: milk or water?" Why add the cold or the cellar? Do you have plans for us? Are you going to torture us with warm milk?

gameplayer2014 Constipated Clefable
08/15/16 6:23 pm

No but trump and Clinton will. XD just kidding. Someone asked me this on Xbox live. Thought it would be interesting.