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RedneckDriggers June 30th, 2013 4:00pm

Do you believe that the North and South still have very different cultures?

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kateXcore Dark side of the moon
06/30/13 11:55 am

I think it's somewhat different. I passed through North & South Carolina before, and it seemed like such a nice place, and the people were so friendly! I'd love to visit again.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
06/30/13 5:00 pm

And skipped ole Virginia?? How could you? We're friendly!

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
07/01/13 5:54 am

Haha. I wasn't driving. I'd love to visit you guys!

chickencookie Biden crime syndicate
06/30/13 11:00 am

Other than food like grits and perhaps a "slower" way of life and the accents whats the difference?

Kay41 the Midwest
06/30/13 9:04 am

Yes, but that is not a bad thing. Different cultures make this country so interesting.

06/30/13 9:02 am

Yes. Extremely different, especially as far as the political landscape goes.