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Is biased media coverage the reason Donald Trump is lagging behind in national polls?

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08/25/16 7:57 pm

Lagging in the polls? He is leading your own poll, lol

karion Illinois
08/24/16 12:10 am

Yes, coverage is biased in his favor because he's on the screen all day and night. What comes out of his mouth is what turns people against him, not the media.

mfjd1948 rural johnson co iowa
08/23/16 5:46 pm

No. Trump's mouth and tweets are the cause.

LaReine Communist Lesbian
08/21/16 6:44 pm

Said polling systems sure love their discrepancies that coincidentally favor $hillary. No love for trump, but the system is rigged for her

Brandong Massachusetts
08/21/16 1:21 pm

No he just can't keep his mouth shut.

Soxfan824 Jesus was a liberal
08/21/16 7:49 am

Seriously? He's done enough to tank his campaign on his own. Clinton doesn't need to say anything--just stand back and watch him implode.

shreddyriffs Hershey
08/20/16 1:35 pm

Lets not forget The Clintons have been linked with hundreds of murders.

08/20/16 7:50 am

He's lagging because people are realizing that he's a dangerous and hateful man who cannot be trusted with preserving the land of the FREE and should not hold nuclear codes to the largest arsenal in the world...

andrewmac Paris
08/18/16 7:29 pm

for at least part of it but the dudes said some pretty stupid stuff

08/18/16 11:02 am

Mainstream media as a whole is not the only reason. Trump himself is saying some stupid shit, but the media is helping it

abusara i drink and i know things
08/17/16 7:24 pm

Ah yes, it's the all the medias fault for reporting what comes out of the man's mouth. How dare they 🙄

08/19/16 6:56 am

How about they report the truth about Hillary's health? How about they quit being the mouthpiece of the liberals, oh wait, they won't because of George Soros, and the crony capitalism.

abusara i drink and i know things
08/27/16 2:26 pm

Regardless, Trump is his own worst enemy.

pr3ttypee Brooklyn, NY
08/17/16 4:41 am

Lmao. MEDIA?!?! Lmao! Not the fact that he's an idiot, along with his wife and whomever is running this ridiculous campaign?!? Just as bad as McCain and Pailin lmao

rebelfury76 No Justice, No Peace
08/16/16 9:46 pm

Ha, his mouth is reason enough

AlexTheGreat98 Florida
08/16/16 6:44 pm

Well the biased media is part of it but Donald Trump does not help when he gives them a lot of ammo

08/16/16 5:35 pm

The media is always derided by every group that it does not print stories exactly the way we want, either for us or against them. This is no different

08/16/16 5:02 pm

He donated 650,000$ to black lives matter to start the Baltimore riots,so why he wouldn't give that evil bitch money?

wearemonkeys77 Lest We Forget... Hodor
08/16/16 3:12 pm

Yeah or the media is honestly covering him. He's not a very popular or even likable person.

08/16/16 6:54 pm

The media likes like Clinton

abusara i drink and i know things
08/17/16 7:25 pm

Be that as it may, it's still not the medias fault that Trump says stupid shit.

shirky USA
08/16/16 2:53 pm

The entire media are liberals so yes

wearemonkeys77 Lest We Forget... Hodor
08/16/16 3:11 pm

I'm so tired of hearing this stupid statement. Do you really think that non local fox news, O'Reily, hannity, Glen Beck, etc. Are liberal?

08/16/16 10:25 pm

While shirkys statement is obviously hyperbolic as you have pointed out, he is not entirely wrong. While Fox News does obviously harbor clear conservative biases, this tends to make it the exception, not the rule when it comes to the world of media. Due to the fact that the majority of news networks, do tend to have at least slight left wing biases as can be seen by the types of audiences each news outlet attracts. (As can be seen in the link to the business insider article.) This doesn't mean that these majority left leaning news networks are inherently bad, anymore than Fox News is inherently good. It's simply important to recognize the filter of the information that we receive so that we may better form well informed and thought out opinions on current events.

UniversePlan Michigan
08/16/16 2:42 pm

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smacc DunningKruger
08/16/16 1:07 pm

No, he's got free media and he chooses how to use it.

Henry123 Connecticut
08/16/16 12:46 pm

Media coverage is the only reason he even made it this far. Biased or otherwise

08/16/16 11:58 am

No it's because he hasn't United the Republican Party do too terrible economic policies

RINOTom Peoria, IL
08/16/16 10:25 am

Mostly the offensive things he says, both putting off swing voters (obviously need these to win) and more affluent Republicans (a key part of the party which usually delivers our margin of victory in more populated states).

F1Dan Parked in your spot
08/16/16 10:02 am

No, but even if it was, shouldn't the media (private companies) be allowed to say whatever and slant their coverage however they like? I thought conservatives were all about allowimg businesses to do whatever they want to without repurcussions.

08/16/16 12:59 pm

No one said they weren't.

alval California
08/16/16 9:49 am

Mr. Trump does not need the media's help in sink his ship.

NotTooSerious Ohio
08/16/16 7:25 am

There are many reasons why Trump is falling behind. The biased media is one of them.

MaxineL New Jersey
08/16/16 1:24 pm

His mouth is the main reason

08/16/16 7:23 am

Trump got so much biased news coverage during the GOP primary season that it sucked the votes away from other, far more qualified candidates. Now that he's being treated like a real candidate, he doesn't like it.

NYevo NY
08/16/16 7:53 am

Bias is only annoying when its against you or someone you like. That said, the bias is fairly minimal. It's not like the news is soap-boxing for someone. They're showing the info in general and showing whats interesting also. Its the viewer that decides what's worth taking note of

08/16/16 1:49 pm

To bad their not talking more on the Clintons scandals, lies, health. Ya know, important things like that.

NYevo NY
08/16/16 1:54 pm

I've heard plenty of news reports on the alleged wrongdoing by Clinton. In the past and in the present. And i'm sure it would continue. There would be more airtime dedicated to it if Trump would stop spewing ridiculous things that people then want to hear all about because of how "juicy" it is. It's his own fault

08/16/16 2:00 pm

Those things are ridiculous only because they say his comments are. Trust me his comments don't compare to Hillary's insurmountable lies and scandal. We want the truth and their not presenting it to the people because they have made up their liberal minds.

NYevo NY
08/16/16 2:41 pm

There is a reason he has been labeled a blowhard and it certainly distracts from a more serious discussion that needs to be had. And quite frankly, it has appeared for a very long time that he loves to speak this way and enjoys the spotlight he gets because of it. You want more room for discussion on other topics in the media? I know a presidential candidate who could cause that simply by deciding to act and speak like an adult

08/16/16 4:45 pm

You have a good point. But you have to admit they are purposely ignoring Hillary's issues. It's not as if they are not talking about her. But they choose not to talk about anything negative surrounding her. They glorified in her tax returns. Not really in her favor like they think though, when you consider the fact she made millions of dollars. What is a U.S. senator doing to make those millions? One has to wonder why she donated millions to her own Clinton foundation?? (Pay to play fund)

NYevo NY
08/16/16 5:07 pm

For me, I honestly do let the headlines make me crazy, which is why I am ignoring them these days. I will be voting based on tracking their voting records to see who would support legislation I can stand behind. As for the Scandals that follow Clinton, I have to hope that when several investigations find her not at fault, that they're correct. She's certainly not perfect, but she is qualified. I really am trying not to dismiss Trump, but he has to learn to speak to me. So far, he is making think that he's not being serious. I look forward to the debates and to hearing substantive points of view from him.

08/16/16 5:26 pm

Yea, I'm looking forward to those debates too. I just like Trump's solid position on cleaning up the borders. As they always should be. This will stop the flow of drugs, crime, and allow people that have been waiting to get into our country legally, a fair chance. I'm not at all against immigration, but it can't be done so sloppy like it is now. I think we can all agree on that one. And personally I'm not for aborting babies. So I must vote according to my moral values. To me it's just common sense. It would be a different story if Trump's main opponent had these common sense and moral values at heart. Don't you agree?

NYevo NY
08/16/16 5:55 pm

I agree with why you're backing him. I don't typically vote Republican, but agree with some and would vote for the right one

Spiritof76 USA 1776
08/16/16 5:23 am

BS, that's ridiculous and a typical ploy to turn attention away from his blatant inadequacies. It's what people running for office do when they feel they're getting trounced.

thelowend imitation is flattery
08/16/16 5:20 am



HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...that's a good one!

tweezer Rhode Island
08/16/16 4:18 am

No. He did this to himself.

LazySteelworker USA
08/16/16 3:38 am

No. If he wouldn't say stupid shit in the first place they wouldn't have any clips to use against him.
He's his own worst enemy.

kywrite augusta, ga
08/16/16 3:31 am

One reason, sure. He also has a big mouth.

Jsd789 Centrist
08/16/16 1:15 am

He wouldn't even be the nominee without the media!

08/16/16 1:15 am

Obviously they want you to think he's doing bad. They've been trying to rig elections since there was elections. They select moderately liberal areas to take their polls from. Main stream media is so liberally bias it's to disgusting to even watch anymore. I get my news elsewhere. I guess that's why I have this app.

DoctorWu at the great hill
08/16/16 5:54 am

That's not how national polls work at all. Generally, they sample people in as random a fashion as possible. Not from "moderately liberally" areas. Nate Silver famously (and correctly) predicted the electoral results for all 50 states in 2012, based on polling data. Overall, polls have become increasingly sophisticated. Check out for info about how it works.

08/16/16 7:20 am

Regardless of how we are told they work. I for one could never vote for a criminal like Hillary. So many people surrounded by the Clintons wound up dead. Then you have Benghazi. Then you have carelessness with classified information. Just countless scandals upon scandals and lies on top of lies. Her health concerns (seizures, memory, coughing fits, falls, needing assistance up steps), her temper, under F.B.I. investigation.... Loretta Lynch got her off on that one. Or in order to bring her down, they would've had to lock up half the politicians with her. I think everyone is in suspense just waiting for the next round of skeletons to fall out of her closet. What did Trump do? Say something offensive (Speak the truth).

NYevo NY
08/16/16 7:55 am

When the "dirt" is out there to be found and seen, most criminals try to keep a low profile. Just sayin

08/15/16 11:37 pm

Everyone has to remember that this is a very divided country when it comes to politics. Every poll that comes from CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC and the rest of the agenda driven biased liberal controlled media all have Hillary winning the polls nut nearly every other poll not done by the MSM show Trump winning. Hillary can't even fill a high school gymnasium with people and Trump has too many people that he is moving into bigger arena's. It's absolutely crazy. The media is fucking shit and there is evidence out there showing many of the MSM polls are being manipulated to make Hillary look better. Of course the media NEVER wants to talk about Hillary its Trump 24/7 so people think that lying corrupt cunt bitch is not so bad. If Hillary wins, she will help take out the LGBT community and the minority groups with her pro immigration and abortion stance so it can't be all bad..LOL

sambaker777 Arizona
08/15/16 11:11 pm

It's definitely a mixture. The mainstream media definitely twists his words

Tolstoy Missouri
08/15/16 10:18 pm

It's because he's a bad candidate with bad policies

otto Olean, NY
08/15/16 10:10 pm

No. It is because he is a jackass and has alienated the conservative base of the Republican Party. If he said or did something conservative rather than attacking those who do, he would be leading big. It's just not in him. We've been had. And it was so obvious from day one that he was a stooge to get all conservatives out and pave the way for the queen. So sad how so many fell for it.

08/15/16 9:29 pm

Wiki leaks bout to drop the bomb on Ms. Piggy,her and George Soros working hand n hand,Georgie boy calling on the shots,I won't be surprise if she didn't pull Monica on him

NYevo NY
08/16/16 7:56 am

George Soros donates money to her? Get outa town

08/15/16 9:10 pm

I think the latest reason for that is because he called the President the founder of ISIS...

DeathSheep Michigan
08/15/16 9:09 pm

It's the reason he was so high in the polls to begin with. Him and Clinton both.

johonmilla Monroe, nc
08/15/16 8:39 pm

Media doesn't do anything except report what he does. He did it to himself lol

BostonsRule Greensboro, NC
08/15/16 8:32 pm

His decline is due to his words

44YY Boston, MA
08/15/16 8:26 pm

All trumps poll drops can be linked to a certain event of something awful he said. Also trump is in the media constantly whether it be good or bad. Clinton is rarely mentioned and that's the way she likes it. Trump is losing all the voters himself Clinton doesn't need to help him.

DerJlaw Minnesota
08/15/16 8:16 pm

Certainly not THE reason. But the Clinton News Network and fellow compatriots aren't exactly helping him either.

kdw45 Des Moines
08/15/16 8:05 pm

To: Republicans who believe this is the reason he's lagging- Has the mainstream media ever been on our side? From: A Republican who knows this isn't the reason he's lagging.

NYevo NY
08/16/16 7:57 am

Is the media suppose to be on your side?

CalebC98 Buda, Texas
08/15/16 7:54 pm

No but it's a contributing factor

DPW Hawaii
08/15/16 7:54 pm

First off: the media (news, tv shows, print; all of it) DEFINITELY has a major leftward bias. They favor Democrats, they favor Hillary. And what does Donald Trump do? Voluntarily feed them choice soundbites of “bigotry and hate.” He communicates every idea he has, regardless of if they’re good or bad, in the worst way possible. The media always helps the Democrat in the race, but Donald Trump’s thoughtlessly impulsive way of speaking is mainly to blame for his own low polling.

ewokbaggypants Be kind.
08/16/16 7:15 am

The popular media outlets have a tolerance for all cultures. I don't consider that a liberal bias.

timeout Boston Strong
08/15/16 7:46 pm

No the reason he's behind is because he's an a--hole.