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suppressedID August 15th, 2016 5:53pm

During the Olympic beach volleyball games, Brazilian fans - who LOVE the game - are chanting and singing. Some other fans and players are complaining. You're tuning in: which would you rather watch?

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EquaISideEcon more conservative than u
08/15/16 6:54 pm

There are only a few sports is frown upon cheering and they're trap, equestrian, golf, tennis, and ping pong.

lcamino Florida and Georgia
08/15/16 6:47 pm

They were booing, whistling, and jeering trying to distract the opposing players. That's what the link said, but your question made it sound like just an enthusiastic crowd.

steelcity Pittsburgh
08/15/16 5:33 pm

If I wanted a quite crowd I would watch Wimbledon.

Yessy French Texan
08/15/16 1:29 pm

For example: Ecuadorians relationships!
BFFs with Colombians and Venezuelans
Good friends with Chile,Paraguay
Okay with Uruguay,Bolivia
Bad relationship with Argentina
Very bad enemies with Brazil and Peru

Yessy French Texan
08/15/16 6:06 pm

Yeah we had a war with Peru, I think the US intervene somehow, but they were neutral ! But then we lost our land to Peru ! I think the US was just there for the Treaty signing! This happened around the time of WW2 and lasted until the late 1990's! Then in the early 1800's Ecuador part of the Gran Colombia lost some land to Brazil!

Yessy French Texan
08/15/16 1:26 pm

I'm not a fan of Brazilians! Booing all our athletes whenever they play against us! So unsportsmanlike! Thinking they are the best and what not! But I'm glad we almost always beat them! FYI: South Americans have a very messy relationship with their other South Americans !

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
08/15/16 12:47 pm

I hate golf. It's boring. I wanna hear people screaming like football games.

DoctorWasdarb Marxist Leninist Maoist
08/15/16 12:44 pm

Honestly I've always hated the constant cheering at sports games. It's almost worse than watching sports themselves.

TheCameron UCF
08/15/16 11:14 am

It's not golf