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MeanBrett Michigan
08/15/16 11:16 am

German, Swedish, Irish, and Dutch

susanr Colorado
08/15/16 10:47 am

About 1/4, I think. One side of my family is English/Irish/Scot, the other side is English/German, but I'm not sure that's 50/50 English/German. Oddly, that's the side that's been traced way back so I could actually find out... If I could remember where I put it.

MediaBlackout Carry on, Carry on.
08/15/16 10:13 am

My family tree is overwhelmingly consists of German last names

Yessy French Texan
08/15/16 10:07 am

I'm part Spanish ,Italian,and French! Don't have any Germanic roots in me!