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Are you close friends with anyone who has religious beliefs (or disbelief) that strongly conflict with yours?

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HopefulChaos ohio
07/10/13 5:47 pm

My views agree with all religions on the basics, I'm not even opposed to atheism. So it's hard for me to find someone who conflicts with me that much.

bengal97 gamecock country
07/09/13 10:24 pm

Diversity makes the world go round. If we all agreed, the world would be one boring place

07/09/13 1:43 am

I'm not terribly religious or anything (I'm a terrible Catholic -- I never go to church and hardly pray), but I find it annoying when my friend throws in my face why she doesn't believe in God/Jesus. That wouldn't be a problem if she wasn't so annoying about it all...respect others beliefs please!

FullMoon probably going to hell
07/08/13 6:27 am

One of my best friends... I'm not even sure what to call her beliefs. One day she's Atheist, another she's celebrating Christmas, and yet another she says she's Buddhist. It's really confusing. What I do is that I'm Christian and we fight a lot.

FullMoon probably going to hell
07/08/13 6:28 am

But I still love and care for her because she's one of my best friends, and nothing can change that.

bballard92 taste the rainbow
07/07/13 12:44 am

Try Christianity over Wiccan. That's an interesting combo.

07/06/13 5:55 pm

The person I consider my best friend has very different beliefs than I do. But we are still close!

mrcoyote Casa Grande
07/04/13 7:52 am

My best friend is atheist, my favorite grandma is agnostic, and another friend of mine is satanic. I still love them all

07/03/13 2:37 pm

I don't care of you believe a magic turtle created the earth first and the universe second. As long as you are a outstanding citizen and not spreading hatred.

07/03/13 9:20 am

I am a Republican, a Christian, and have friends from many different religions and spiritual belief systems. Being conservative politically does not make me less open minded.
I am fascinated with all religious beliefs. Think we are much closer than we realize. It's probably all one central system

07/03/13 9:23 am

That has been divided by man, whether it was by national divisions, splits like Martin Luther from the Catholic Church, or by preferring one "saint" over another. I love learning about all beliefs, and bring part of many religions into my life. Friends are Protestant, catholic, Jewish, Wiccan,

07/03/13 9:25 am

Buddhist, Atheist , Mormon, Hindi, and more. And I love and respect them all, and their right to believe as they wish. That is what makes America a country I am proud to be part of!

Rotavele Alabama
07/03/13 4:39 pm

I am a Republican, my religion is Hispanic. I also enjoy learned about other cultures. One time I was at work, I fell off the ladder and hurt myself as the bricks all fell with me. It then came to me that I was always was too judgements of religions.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
07/05/13 9:58 pm

Hispanic became a religion?

sarah1911 Poolesville MD
07/03/13 6:01 am

She's Jewish I'm Christian. She agrees that Jesus existed. She just doesn't acknowledge His continued importance and that's her choice.

rcgrant south carolina
07/02/13 7:07 pm

I dont want to start a war here. but if you are an athiest does that mean you are unafilliated ..
or just haven't picked a side. just wondering how that hole thing works . no prayers or blessings.
no spirital connection? curious.

07/02/13 7:13 pm

I suppose we are "unaffiliated" with all religion, but we're certainly not undecided, that would be agnostics. and no, no prayer. that's an entirely religious behavior. I have no need or desire for such a thing (there's no one listening).

07/02/13 7:15 pm

Also, to clarify my personal opinion, spirituality has nothing to do with religion. I have experienced things I would call "spiritual", but only in the sense that I was deeply moved or touched (and not by a spirit or deity).

rcgrant south carolina
07/02/13 7:18 pm

so I am confused so I will say thanks for the insite but further questions may offend others and this isn't the topic I wanna draw a line In the sand on thanks

07/02/13 7:22 pm

Well I'm not one to worry so much about what others think, so if you have questions, ask away. I'll keep it cordial if you do.

07/02/13 7:06 pm

Most of my friends are Christians, and I'm a Pagan

MoonFireDancer New Jersey
07/02/13 2:22 pm

As a pagan Im friends with a christian, lucifitarian (not sure if I spelled that right), a Buddhist and a guy that lights fire for Zeus

HereticPilot101 Arkadelphia, AR
07/02/13 12:43 pm

Yes, that describes my relationship with almost all my friends.

sims3man68 California
07/02/13 12:47 am

I used to be frenemies with a Satanist in high school. We would tease each other with our religious symbols: him with the pentagon, and me with the cross and Star of David. I haven't heard from him since graduation.

Ivyra Earth
07/01/13 9:03 pm

My family is Catholic; I am as well, but I am iffy about a lot of the things...

meHE Not of this World
07/01/13 8:49 pm

My wife. I am a Christian and she is a Mormon.

MoonFireDancer New Jersey
07/02/13 2:23 pm

Its nice to see two people with different religions together but how does that work?

meHE Not of this World
07/02/13 4:47 pm

@moonfire We work it out. I follow Ephesians 5. We have been married for 53 years. Yes, to each other.

wheresDent The Lower Dakota
07/01/13 8:47 pm

It's okay. If they're right we both end up the same. But if I'm right...

gpmino Florida
07/01/13 8:42 pm

Deist, borderline atheist here. Most of my close friends are devout Christians, Hindus, Muslims, of Jews. (:

nero101 Illinois
07/01/13 5:18 pm

Well yes! We live in a country that incorporates several cultures and religions under one roof. If we're not accepting, then we will never move forward together.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
07/01/13 2:28 pm

I have friends who are Obamists.

rcgrant south carolina
07/01/13 1:27 pm

I am Christian and have an athiest friend. we have a little joke between us.. I asked him what did he want to be buried in.. he said a reply was all dressed up and no place to go

Rotavele Alabama
07/01/13 12:22 pm

My friends a Jew, we get along still. He just won't eat with me at lawlers and and I won't let him let me borrow money.

07/04/13 5:33 am

@rotavele and HYNDB ... No, not "nice." Anti-Semitic jokes are not appropriate on this forum.

Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
07/04/13 6:13 am

They're jokes. Get over it.

Ever heard of Freedom of Speech?

07/04/13 7:05 am

No, I have no intention of "getting over it." I am Jewish and highly offended by what you call a "joke."

Freedom of speech only has to do with government control, NOT what is said on a private app.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
07/05/13 9:57 pm

So then the NSA can read every email, text, app comment? Nope!

07/06/13 5:21 am

I didn't explain my point clearly. HYNDB invoked freedom of speech, as giving users the "right" to make crude jokes. He is mistaken. The government can't tell us what we can say here (First Amendment). But, we can criticize each other and say ...

07/06/13 5:27 am

... that some comments are offensive. Freedom of Speech protects us from government control.

Your point about the NSA only adds to my original point. Of course, they would have no legitimate business snooping here.

Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
07/01/13 11:40 am

A fellow Marine, and Brother-in-Arms, I work with and myself are the prime example that Christians and Atheists can be both civil and good friends :-)

ajbilius Wisconsin
07/01/13 11:06 am

Yep. When everyone can be civil, we have some pretty interesting conversations. I am not religious, but that doesn't mean I can't have friends who are. If they don't push they're beliefs on me, I'm not doing it to them.

goalie31 OrthodoxCatholicChristian
07/01/13 7:35 am

my best friend is a catholic who leans republican... so nope.

07/01/13 6:34 am

Gay marriage. Being bi kinda makes it a touché issue....

ZaQ777 Pittsburgh
07/01/13 5:18 am

Many of my friends have different beliefs, but not my wife. I'm surprised at how many people here have different beliefs than their significant other. I would have a lot of trouble being in that situation.

theavgguy I.E.
07/01/13 6:35 am

I have always said if you have a major difference don't have kids. I have had a few married friends break up after the kids came. It is funny sometimes how religious you become sometimes after kids and how to raise them in the religion but if there are two which one

katiee78 city
07/01/13 4:59 am

Yes, but I avoid religious conversations with my aunt who is condescendingly atheist.

07/01/13 3:43 am

Only one person is extremely critical, and that only happens around the Christian holidays. I usually avoid her during the holidays.

07/01/13 2:45 am

I have a Mormon friend, but right now he's questioning his faith and religion as a whole and such. I don't really want to govern his decisions, especially since I don't know the whole of the situation. I try to be supportive, but might not be anygood

justmebcimme I live for Dean and Cas
07/01/13 1:33 am

I am Christian orthodox, and have 2 Jewish friends, 3 Muslim, 1 Protestant, a few Catholic ones, and some Buddhists. It's never been a problem :)

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
07/01/13 12:35 am

My boyfriend is catholic. He's not super religious, rarely goes to church. But he has his beliefs, and they are strong. I'm an atheist. We respect that we each have our own opinions and leave it at that.

theavgguy I.E.
07/01/13 6:42 am

It will never last. Your lack of believing in a god will eat away at his insides and he will leave. My daughter went through the same thing she believed he did not. I didn't know until they broke up.

justmebcimme I live for Dean and Cas
07/01/13 3:01 pm

I don't agree with u Guy. I think they can last, because after all, love is more important than religion.

07/01/13 7:56 pm

It's not just "religion", like this vague thing you just go do on Sunday. An atheist and a believer are two completely opposite states of mind, two very different ways of looking at the world. I don't believe that can work in the primary romantic relationship.

06/30/13 9:34 pm

I have many friends who disagree strongly with my religion. They used to hate it, but now they respect my beliefs, even if they don't agree. We talk religion all the time, and its really nice to get different points of view.

06/30/13 9:27 pm

As an atheist, I really can't avoid being acquainted with religious people... They're everywhere, y'know?

06/30/13 11:34 pm

I think in America, about 90% of the population adhere to some belief.
So it's possible for a believer not to be friends with atheists or agnostics but hard the other way round.
Same goes for exotic beliefs such as Wiccan.

susanr Colorado
07/01/13 12:16 am

praet (& anyone else still on 2.0 who sees this) - did you know there's a new update for SOH, 2.1? You're missing a lot if you haven't updated - like 160 more comments in this poll.

06/30/13 8:59 pm

I'm a Christian with modern deist leanings, and one of my closest friends is an atheist.

sara VA
06/30/13 8:54 pm

I honestly don't have strong religious beliefs. I'm agnostic yet some days I think like an atheist and other days like a deist. As long as your religious beliefs do not cause you to be sexist, homophobic or racist then I have no problem with them.

JakeforKing hopelessly liberal
06/30/13 8:44 pm

It really doesn't matter to men unless they openly believe wracked up stuff...

brianparks69 charlotte
06/30/13 8:36 pm

I am not religious at all, but I have a lot of good friends and family that are. I even dated a catholic woman for several years, and if was not religion that got in the way at all.

heyyjude NC
06/30/13 8:27 pm

I'm an "atheist" and my boyfriend of four plus years is a Christian. As well as several of my friends. I'm not a dick about it. What you do is up to you. I have had a couple of instances where the persons religious beliefs/actions were so offensive to me that I cut my ties with them.

06/30/13 8:10 pm

I'm Christian but I have good friends that are Buddhist Mormon atheist and agnostic and we discuss our beliefs all the time

06/30/13 7:42 pm

I have a very smart friend who is an orthodox Jew. Sometimes. when we hang out we actually talk about our different beliefs and why I think I am right and why he thinks he is.

06/30/13 7:36 pm

Well being that I'm not very religious, yes, almost all of them.

andrewv SC
06/30/13 6:49 pm

I consider my parents my friends. My dads a pastor and I'm agnostic. Fortunately, most of my friends aren't religious.

violence Pretty hate machine
06/30/13 6:42 pm

I used to be, but she couldn't get over the fact that I was an atheist.

My gramma used to very much believe in a Christian God. After watching her husband die of liver failure she jumped off that train. I was glad that she finally found logic.

dannypo Michigan
06/30/13 6:38 pm

I am an atheist. Most of my family are devout Catholics. My neighbors are Mormon and we hang out a lot. We all get along by understanding that it is a very personal choice.

chaseb Texas
06/30/13 6:26 pm

Don't really have that many "close" friends that conflict with my beliefs
But not against it just haven't hung out with them enough to be that good of friends

camlop San Diego, CA
06/30/13 5:58 pm

Does this mean Republicans refuse to be friends with anyone who believes differently than they do?

06/30/13 9:27 pm


Matt1981 The Who Dat Nation
06/30/13 9:30 pm

No. And that doesn't even make sense. How about maybe it's the fact that most of the republicans live in Bible Belt red states, or that they are religious, and not by purpose but by affiliation find themselves most often in the presence of other people of the same belief?

06/30/13 9:30 pm

You do see that a majority of Republicans said yes, right?

Matt1981 The Who Dat Nation
06/30/13 9:37 pm

Or possibly it's because the population of people that practice other religions in the highly republican areas is much lower. After all red states tend to be way more rural than the urban blue areas. After all metropolitan areas are the most diverse. Doesn't make the pubs close minded.

Matt1981 The Who Dat Nation
06/30/13 9:42 pm

Yes of course because of the reasons I mentioned. If you think this poll proves prejudice from members of a political party then you're not intelligent enough to be having a conversation with. Uncool of you guys to politicize everything.