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Should repeat sex-offenders be physically castrated?

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bballard92 taste the rainbow
07/07/13 12:42 am

Wow. These results surprised me. Harsh world we live in :/ I mean I understand the crime is horrendous..but really? Do we need to castrate people as a "legal punishment"? My opinion is no..

07/06/13 9:32 pm

It prevents it with fear. They would be less likely to take the risk if threatened with physical castration.

07/06/13 8:28 pm

I'm sorry, what does that word mean?

jhill303 Right Here
07/06/13 12:52 pm

Just bc someone commits a crime which is viewed as immoral doesn't mean we get to be inhumane. You can become a registered sex offender from peeing in public. Does that infer they be castrated for the crime?!

teamseth97 Florida
07/05/13 8:49 pm

If only I knew what that meant, I might just change my Answer

wingman646 Jacksonville
07/05/13 4:43 pm

If it was your child or wife you would never say no.

theNobamist straight lives matter
07/05/13 9:46 pm

I want the bastard decapitated

wears Tennessee
07/04/13 8:40 pm

whats the point? Castration does not take away the desire.

EarlyBird Portland
07/05/13 8:23 am

It greatly lowers the desire.

wingman646 Jacksonville
07/05/13 4:42 pm

No, but it takes away the means!

escapist xoxo
07/04/13 9:36 am

Unfortunately, castration has shown ineffective to stop abuse. Horrible people just end up using objects instead

07/04/13 2:51 am

Define "offender" first! For some serious crimes, it might be of consideration to have a "choose from jail, deportation, or castration" sentence (where the accused decides), but "offender" is a broad term, and castration should never be mandatory as it is irreversible.

sprokolopolis California
07/05/13 8:06 am

Deport them? That's like moving priests around so that they can molest kids in another town. Why would we give them an option where they're not punished and can continue their ways unchecked?

07/05/13 9:28 am

Hmm, good point. To me, deportation would be awful, but to a violent criminal, it might be a good thing. So nix the deportation choice. I'm still strongly against violence even towards violent criminals (unless it is the only way to stop them from being violent) so I'm against forced castration.

Rotavele Alabama
07/03/13 4:37 pm

HE'LL NO! They better not castrate me or I'll sue them for every penny.

escapist xoxo
07/04/13 9:38 am

Then don't sexually abuse anyone. It's not difficult

07/03/13 3:27 pm

Yes, take away their chance to hurt more people

thechosenone CT
07/03/13 11:00 am

What about females in this scenario? How are they going to be castrated?

sprokolopolis California
07/05/13 8:07 am

It amazes me that in this day of free information and smart phones that there are still people who don't know about female genital mutilation. Phenomenal.

EarlyBird Portland
07/05/13 8:25 am

The ovaries are removed in female castration.

theNobamist straight lives matter
07/05/13 9:49 pm

Ask radical Muslims who remove or cauterize (burn!) the cli-t-oris as a way to prevent women from experiencing physical pleasure. Who's waging the war on women?

roseblossom24 Lakewood, WA
07/02/13 10:52 pm

Not all sex offenders are males. So how we gonna castrate a female?

sarah1911 Poolesville MD
07/03/13 6:04 am

That's why I said no. Several medications can chemically castrate both.

EarlyBird Portland
07/03/13 6:43 am

Female castration is the removal of her ovaries.

sprokolopolis California
07/05/13 8:08 am

No female castration would be genital mutilation. Anyone ever heard of a clitoris? Anybody?

EarlyBird Portland
07/05/13 8:21 am

Sprok- look up the definition of castration.

sprokolopolis California
07/05/13 8:24 am

Definition aside, the POINT of the castration is to make rape in pleasurable, yes? I'm ignoring the fact that women almost never rape, but in the instance that they did, making her infertile isn't going to make rape less enjoyable is it?

EarlyBird Portland
07/05/13 8:38 am

Spork - castration lowers the physical desires of sex. Men keep the penis but balls are removed. Women keep their clit but ovaries are removed.
Look up chemical castration. I learned a lot in 3 mins :)

rcgrant south carolina
07/02/13 6:59 pm

honestly..this is gonna sound bad but this should be a street justice offence.. turn him over to the victims family and save court time and money

MoonFireDancer New Jersey
07/02/13 2:15 pm

As much as I'm aware that it wouldn't really help, I still think that its an appropriate punishment along with other things.

dxstap Bloomington, Indiana
07/02/13 1:47 pm

You are assuming that all sexual abusers are male!!

MoonFireDancer New Jersey
07/02/13 2:14 pm

Fine, make the women wear chastity belts?

rcgrant south carolina
07/02/13 6:56 pm

most are. all I hear of for females are the few teachers hooking up with students

sprokolopolis California
07/05/13 8:26 am

...I just don't understand this sentiment. 99% of rapists and sex offenders are not female.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
07/02/13 7:43 am

This thread is basically 100s of people fighting over who can be the MOST outraged.

Laurie2133 Rural Southwest
07/02/13 12:33 am

Studies have shown that does not take away the deviant desires, they will still find a way to continue. In all my years in law enf., I never saw a sexual offender rehabilitated, they usually get worse! I think it should be a life sentence or death.

07/01/13 9:24 pm

I think they should be announced as one to prisoners and have the guards turn their back

07/03/13 5:11 pm

Yea, lets do that. Fking idiot.

dabrat East Coast
07/01/13 9:20 pm

It doesn't matter the brain is the problem.
I think it's like an addiction, totally compelling, horribly sneaky, deviant, devastating for the victim and untreatable.

Ivyra Earth
07/01/13 9:01 pm

I don't think I would respect that

megomez712 Vagabond
07/01/13 8:41 pm

There is medical castration... But it depends on the severity of the crime. Public urination, no. Multiple rape assaults then yes. And public urination will get u on the registry, at least in Iowa it will.

TalkingNinja Texas
07/01/13 7:09 pm

repeat offenders should be considered when being convicted again. I have seen cases where a woman will accuse her boyfriend of rape to try to get out of a relationship. so repeat offenders yes but first offense no

Scarlett50 Missouri
07/01/13 6:22 pm

Put them in general population not protective custody fellow inmates will see they never hurt another child

sprokolopolis California
07/01/13 6:33 pm

That's only child molesters. Criminals are perfectly ok with sexual assault as long as the victim is grown.

07/01/13 8:31 pm

It probably depends on who is in the cell block.
"Traditional" criminals like robbers, burglars, might have a code of honor that makes them protective towards women so rapists may have a hard time, too.
If it's mainly pimps, human traffickers and child pornographers, they won't give a hoot.

sprokolopolis California
07/05/13 8:04 am

No. Child molesters get put in segregation. Rapists go in gen pop. Because in general, rape is acceptable in prison. Their "moral code" isn't that of an intelligent group of people.

nero101 Illinois
07/01/13 5:15 pm

They should be severely punished, but castration is just plain cruel and unusual (and therefore unconstitutional). And I agree that castrating them will lead them to conduct more severe crimes. Therefore, I believe they should do more jail time or be sent to treatment instead.

07/02/13 1:17 am

Cruel & Unusual??
Tell that to the women they raped..
Clearly you don't know any victims..

07/03/13 5:12 pm

Yes it is unusual.

kn1gg iowa
07/01/13 5:11 pm

They should be hung from the nearest tree

theNobamist straight lives matter
07/01/13 2:24 pm

That would be unconstitutional per the "cruel punishment" prohibition. However, execution is ok :)

theNobamist straight lives matter
07/01/13 2:25 pm

"off with their heads" can be taken multiple ways!

Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
07/01/13 4:47 pm

Repeat Rapist = Castration. Barbaric crime; barbaric sentence. ;-)

07/01/13 1:32 pm

A lot of people are asking if rape is worse than murder, and if the punishments are to be equalled.
As someone who has lived with lifetime consequences of rape, I often wished he would have killed me too, it would have been less painful. My rapist stole my virginity, my fertility, my innocence,

07/01/13 1:36 pm

My trust in mankind. Is it too much to ask that we take something from him?
Comparing rape to a common thief is so unfair. I don't agree with cutting the hands off a person for stealing a car, but I do agree with castration of a repeat sexual offender. I never get to forget that day, why should he

07/01/13 3:42 pm

I'll never know how horrible that must be. That being said, vengeance for a personal wrong won't give you
a single one of those things back. Its either a good idea on its own or not. Hope you have some happiness.

07/03/13 9:09 am

Jheathfam, I am doing well in my life now. It took many years to be able to say that. I am generally not a vengeful person. Several years ago, I came to the conclusion that for him to do something so violent, he must have had a really bad shake in life. I do think that taking away sexual ability

07/03/13 9:14 am

could prevent future rapes. It needs to be combined with serious therapy and prison time to be truly successful.
We use salt petre on soldiers in basic training to take away their sex drive and keep them focused. I don't see how that is cruel and unusual punishment at all for sex offenders.

rcgrant south carolina
07/01/13 1:24 pm

why wait for them to repeat.. first strike cut them puppies out and make a necklace for the

07/03/13 5:13 pm

That's just...fking gross.

Rotavele Alabama
07/01/13 12:20 pm

Until 2003 (Lawrence vs. Texas) homosexuals were considered sex offenders, and the Supreme Court agreed twice before that it was constitutional. Too bad we didn't sodomize them too, right?

Rotavele Alabama
07/01/13 12:20 pm

I meant castrate, not sodomize... Tired sorry..

ajbilius Wisconsin
07/01/13 10:57 am

As much as the vengeful side of me wants to say yes, I'd never consider it unless it was chemical castration. And then, only if it actually reduced the chances they'd commit another sexual crime. I've heard it works for some, but on the other hand rape is about power and humiliation, not sex.

Attikai Oregon
07/01/13 8:59 am

Amputating sexual organs probably falls under cruel and unusual.

MoonFireDancer New Jersey
07/02/13 2:19 pm

What did Hey ever do to you?

jkj37 Portland Oregon
07/01/13 8:36 am

That job would be awful

07/01/13 8:03 am

Logically it's a great idea. Constitutionally however, not so much.

dogsaver new Jersey
07/01/13 7:54 am

All it does is insure that their next victim will not get pregnant. It does nothing to stop them from commuting a crime.

07/01/13 4:02 pm

I think the idea would be that they wouldn't have a problem with "urges".

07/03/13 5:14 pm

No, taking their car would prevent them from "commuting"

knh85 ...
07/01/13 7:49 am

Castration should be the minimum.

tc ohio
07/01/13 7:39 am

Open air prisons in Death Valley. No shelter, shade, amenities. For repeat and sadistic men/women only. Kinda like the terror and hopelessness their victims feel right before they die.

bookhenge Virginia
07/01/13 6:16 am

For people who are true, proven child molesters (guy in Vegas who recorded himself raping a toddler), the only humane sentence is death. We have no way to reform them, so prison is useless, and they could still find ways to victimize kids after castration.

theonlytegan Boston
07/01/13 4:23 am

The fact that people are making points to back up sex offenders is the reason people in this country keep getting attacked. When do you draw the line with repeat offenses? At some point you need to learn from your mistakes

07/01/13 4:11 am

I vote on physically... Beheaded

07/01/13 3:51 am

no way should the gov have the right to do this. public executions would have a much more effective result on the population.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
07/01/13 12:29 am

Where'd my earlier comment go? I can't find it. Aaaargh.

itsbread Southern California
06/30/13 11:49 pm

I'd say that falls under "cruel and unusual". IMO.

thetruthurts yes, it does.
07/01/13 4:54 am

Yeah but raping a child isn't cruel? or unusual? When will everyone learn? At what point do we draw the line? In your opinion, what needs to happen to these people?

jennamia Pennsylvania
06/30/13 11:44 pm

As much as I'd love to say yes it's just too barbaric. People are all shocked that in some places, thieves would have their hands cut off, but it's the same concept really. Get rid of the cause of the problem. However it could potentially lead to more sexual harassment

Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
07/01/13 3:06 am

The crime is equally barbaric, so why not?

rickvee Living the dream
07/01/13 5:56 am

Whoa whoa whoa... Honeybadger, are you saying that rape and telling a woman she has a nice ass are the same?!?

goalie31 OrthodoxCatholicChristian
07/01/13 6:00 am

then just cut off the whole thing

Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
07/01/13 11:38 am

I'm talking about the crime of rape. Where the hell did you get "catcalls require castration" from?

rickvee Living the dream
07/01/13 1:17 pm

Ahh... Gotcha... I thought you were referring to "could lead to more sexual harassment". My mistake... Derp

comppete Las Vegas
06/30/13 11:44 pm

With no pain killers!

pmurray00 New Jersey
06/30/13 11:27 pm

How do you castrate a woman?

07/01/13 4:05 pm

You could spay them like a cat.

06/30/13 10:49 pm

Women are the worst offenders!!! They wear clothes too tight - too small - they show all their shit then wonder why they are abused..............keep it clean ladies and there won't be a problem!!!!!

femtastic land of oz
06/30/13 11:02 pm

Even women who dress conservatively are still targeted. So maybe it's not the women. Maybe it's the men who can't keep it in their pants.

jrvrn Philly suburb
07/01/13 8:25 am

You are just blaming the victim. What about the infants and toddlers? Diapers too sexy for you?

sprokolopolis California
07/05/13 8:28 am

Uh. No. Really? Those little boys were asking for it! In their shorts with their cute little butts. Do you hear yourself? You're a troll aren't you? Real people aren't still that stupid. Right?