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Are you (agreed to be) an organ donor?

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HopefulChaos ohio
07/10/13 5:23 pm

I really can't see a reason not to be. You're dead, why not?

HopefulChaos ohio
07/10/13 5:45 pm

Why would that make you not be an organ donor? It's still up to your next of kin to decide, not the people who are going off the "pretty dead" logic.

mrcoyote Casa Grande
07/04/13 7:53 am

If im going to die, i want someone else to be able to live

Penn555 Maine
07/03/13 9:10 pm

No, I can't be one because I have chronic Lyme Disease. But I would if I could.

07/03/13 4:47 pm

I have an irrational fear that medics would see I am an organ donor and opt not to save me for others because of that.

MoonFireDancer New Jersey
07/02/13 2:21 pm

No, I'm actually too sickly right now to be a donor but I'm thankful for the people giving me their organs next week :)

07/01/13 9:07 pm

I cannot legally agree to it yet, because of my age, however, my mother knows that it is what I want.

Ivyra Earth
07/01/13 9:02 pm

No, I wouldn't want to give myself away.

snate Ohio
07/01/13 8:25 pm

Someone is going to be thrilled whwn they get my donated penis.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
07/05/13 9:53 pm

The Beavis and Butthead fan in me is LMFAO!!

lolllipop Missouri
07/01/13 5:58 pm

Not officially, but I will be once I get my driver's license,

yoshimax Hillsborough, NC
07/01/13 5:24 pm

I have my permit, not my license, so I can't. I will when I get my license though.

nero101 Illinois
07/01/13 5:17 pm

Yes! I won't need them if I don't live, so why not be charitable and give them to someone who needs them?

sajerian Chicago, IL
07/01/13 5:04 pm

I'm too young to sign up right now, but as soon as am I'm old enough -- of course.

carleyvo Anywhere But Here
07/01/13 4:48 pm

Once I'm dead, do whatever you want with this thing. I don't need it.

Wert A picture of my junk
07/04/13 11:00 am

Hm. Let's see... It says DONOR on my license.

Apparently, you are wrong.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
07/01/13 2:26 pm

I can't-- cancer patient. I'm prohibited from donating blood or organs.

mmmwtt Lake Titicaca
07/02/13 1:09 pm

People with most kinds of cancer can still donate corneas and help 2-6 other people see. People with certain types of brain cancer can still be organ donors. I work in the field of donation.

rcgrant south carolina
07/01/13 2:07 pm

I uswd to be but I can't see me giving my organs up just so someone who neess them has to buy them from some organ bank.
quit selling them and I will reconsider

Rotavele Alabama
07/01/13 12:21 pm

I donated my heart to mitt Romney this last election and he lost it.

07/01/13 12:01 pm

I am, but I don't like the fact that you're donating your organs to a hospital that is going to sell them for a massive profit.

FemmeAdamWest in the Tardis library
07/01/13 12:05 pm

I didn't realize that. I want to be, but why should anyone else make a profit on my insides if I'm not!?

FemmeAdamWest in the Tardis library
07/01/13 12:06 pm

But at the same time if I'm possibly keeping someone alive then that's worth if

mmmwtt Lake Titicaca
07/02/13 1:23 pm

Organs are donated by law not to hospitals but to organ procurement organizations (OPOs). There are 58 OPOs in the US, all of which are not-for-profit. They may only cover their operating expenses and their costs are closely monitored by CMS.

mmmwtt Lake Titicaca
07/02/13 1:25 pm

There is no profit in organ donation and many of the procurement surgeons donate their time for the recovery. If these OPOs have large budgets it is because of the high costs of testing the organs to ensure their function and safety.

ajbilius Wisconsin
07/01/13 11:02 am

Of course! What use do I have for them if I'm dead? I'd rather have them help someone else out than be buried in the ground with me, it's sort of a silver lining to the thought of my own mortality.

jrrob CT
07/01/13 10:47 am

I recently lost my best friend since high school. I take some solace that he donated.

dogsaver new Jersey
07/01/13 7:52 am

It is a corrupt system that does no fairly distribute organs to those in need

Penn555 Maine
07/03/13 9:11 pm

True, but at least you'd be helping SOMEONE.

07/01/13 7:20 am

And the bigger question should be,
why do you not want to be a organ donor?
You are dead. You will never use those organs again. Why not give someone else a chance to live

poopinacan South Carolina
07/01/13 3:22 pm

Hospitals sell them for a profit but give you nothing, and I'm selfish

mmmwtt Lake Titicaca
07/02/13 1:30 pm

The National Organ Transplant Act of 1984 prohibits compensation to families for donation. Incidentally, studies have shown that if we removed that restriction and were able to pay $10k per donor, we would eliminate the waiting list in one year.

dilbert The Dakotas
07/01/13 6:51 am

My best friend was an organ donor. Someone out there is alive because of her <3

07/01/13 3:35 am

I checked yes when renewing my DL last year. Doubtful that any will actually be donated but they can be used for science. Then just cremate whatever is left.

justmebcimme I live for Dean and Cas
07/01/13 1:29 am

I think I'm too young to sign (only 15), but I really want to...

07/01/13 7:21 am

Have a talk with your parents, the decision is ultimately there until you become legal age

Jay716 Buffalo NY
06/30/13 10:41 pm

Inmates (murderers and child molesters) also get your organs while incarcerated... So no!

Congressman Louisiana
07/01/13 12:06 am

The good far outweigh the bad. You don't know specifically that your organs would go to a prisoner. Don't be selfish, give.

susanr Colorado
07/01/13 2:09 am

Your organs won't all go to one person; usually quite a few will benefit. If you don't donate because of the possibility of one "unworthy" person getting help, you could be denying help to another 8 or 10 or so.

squib Northern New England
07/01/13 4:43 am

That is the most pessimistic reason I have ever heard to not be an organ donor.

Kobejr Orlando, Fl
06/30/13 9:48 pm

If I'm not using my organs anymore and there is someone else out there that needs an organ to save their life by all means take it

06/30/13 9:02 pm

Hey, the way I figure it, the body is like a machine. If/when I get totaled, I might as well get salvaged for spare parts.

06/30/13 8:56 pm

The only problem i have with donating is thinking someone not worthy will get them. My aunt's boyfriend has liver failure and is on the transplant list, but he is an insane alcoholic who probably will abuse the new organ and that scares me about my organs

susanr Colorado
07/01/13 2:09 am

They won't all go to one person; usually quite a few will benefit. If you don't donate because of the possibility of one "unworthy" person getting help, you could be denying help to another 8 or 10 or so.

07/01/13 3:18 am

Knew someone in Florida that was on kidney transplant list. She was removed because she wouldn't stop drinking.

06/30/13 8:13 pm

There's something about organ donation that creeps me out. Must be the movies Coma and especially Never Let Me Go.

06/30/13 8:11 pm

I have no use for them after I die so why not

rusty0131 A peaceful world
06/30/13 7:56 pm

I'm weird I think. I'm signed up to be a donor but if I need a transplant, I do not want one. Told you weird. It must just be the giver in me.

06/30/13 7:34 pm

Of course! It's not like I'll be using them anymore once I'm dead.

redsox4life Massachusetts
06/30/13 6:26 pm

My aunt received a heart transplant in October after being on the transplant list for about a year. Now I feel it is my duty to pay it forward. If I'm not using them, I want another family to feel the same relief we did when my aunt got her heart!

porkchop New Jersey
06/30/13 6:25 pm

In 1990 I was the first non related husband to wife kidney donor in the United States. Surgery was preformed in New York Cornell hospital in NYC.

porkchop New Jersey
06/30/13 6:27 pm

They can have whatever they want if it improves the lives of another person!

porkchop New Jersey
06/30/13 7:23 pm

Because I was an organ donor, if I ever need any type of organ/transplant, I go to the front of the line. A sweet little Perc

progressivepaul Verginia
06/30/13 6:20 pm

I'll be dead it's not like I'm going to need them anymore so they should go to someone who does need them.

06/30/13 6:07 pm

Oh, look, you can correlate rates of selfishness to class, party, and sex.

06/30/13 6:04 pm

Tony, I know this is really off topic, but SoH 2.1 has caused me to lose my old account, Sunshine0I☀. Because of the emoji it says my user name is invalid. Is there anything I can do?

Minyanko Tumblr
06/30/13 8:07 pm

Yeah. I used to be Sakura-chan so it offed me too.

06/30/13 8:17 pm

I suggest you email Tony directly, He may not have a chance to read all the comments, but he will see your email. Good luck!

scottstots Georgia
06/30/13 5:25 pm

My dad has gotten a new heart and kidney. Really silly not to donate. The stories about letting you die to get your organs are stupid. Not true in the least. It's the very easiest thing you can do to make a difference for good.

8ESBABY Houston
06/30/13 6:19 pm

It's against some people's religious beliefs to donate. And for those who simply don't want to, don't have to - its theirs. Even when the die. I am a donor though.

scottstots Georgia
06/30/13 8:59 pm

I understand no one has to donate, but it's silly if you don't.

mmmwtt Lake Titicaca
07/02/13 1:14 pm

All major religions support and encourage donation (Catholics, Protestant, Jews, Muslims, etc). Unfortunately many people are misinformed on their faith's stance on the matter because we don't talk about donation in church!

06/30/13 5:10 pm

Some people I know will only reach their full potential when they become organ donors.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
06/30/13 5:09 pm

It's the same thing with giving blood; it's good to know that people who need a transplant will be more likely to get what they need. I know it's different because you don't have to be dead to donate blood. but if you're eligible, there's no reason not to.

susanr Colorado
07/01/13 12:17 am

corny (& anyone else still on 2.0 who sees this) - did you know there's a new update for SOH, 2.1? You're missing a lot if you haven't updated - like 160 more comments in this poll.

06/30/13 5:06 pm

I did because if I'm dead they are at no use to me. I would prefer my organs help save lives not rot 6 feet

Sam95 Nebraska
06/30/13 4:59 pm

Right now I'm not signed up to be an organ donor, but in November when I go to get my license renewed I definitely want to change that. I don't know why I didn't sign up when I first got my license. It's such an amazing thing to do.

s4mm1 MD SLP
06/30/13 3:34 pm

There is no reason not to be. If I can save a life, then that makes it all the worth while.

06/30/13 3:27 pm

Why wouldn't someone be an organ donor? What the f*ck are you gonna do with them if you're dead?

8ESBABY Houston
06/30/13 6:36 pm

LOL! Y'all r some forceful lil fu***rs of this poll, "Donate or die!" "You're going to hell anyway!" *exaggerating* haha

I donate, but there's no PENAL code for it so why should I down someone who's exercising their right not to?

06/30/13 6:47 pm

Wtf are you talking about? I said *nothing* close to anything you described. I'm not "downing" anyone, I'm just saying there's no use in throwing away your perfectly good organs if you're dead.

voc I am...what I am
06/30/13 2:51 pm

My dad was given the gift of 2 lungs. Without that he would have been dead within 6 months. We got another 3 years with him that we wouldn't have gotten otherwise. I've been a doner since then.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
06/30/13 2:15 pm

My sister's best friend died of liver failure at the age of 28 while waiting for a second transplant. She would not have lived past the age of 3 had it not been for her first liver transplant. Yes, I will be a donor upon my death.

06/30/13 2:12 pm

I'll gladly donate my organs, but I told my family to make sure the doctors have done everything they can before taking my isht!!! lol

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
06/30/13 5:06 pm

Legally they can't take out your organs until you're legally pronounced dead, so...

06/30/13 5:09 pm

Well I want them to come out and tell my family that BEFORE they know I'm an organ donor!!!

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
06/30/13 5:12 pm

It seems a little evil to let someone die so you can take out their organs, doesn't it? I don't think they do that.

06/30/13 5:15 pm

This world is a VERY evil place and I would not put it passed anyone to do so. If you like, announce to the world you are an organ donor. I choose not to. *discussion ends*