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Show Of Hands August 15th, 2016 11:11am

Do you use video-chat or video-conference software on a regular basis?

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robclark89 Utah
08/16/16 9:04 am

My parents live in hurricane, Utah, and we're in Idaho, so we often FaceTime with them, usually about once a week, so that they can see their two grandkids.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
08/15/16 4:50 pm

I do, but I voted no because we do not use it for that purpose. We use Skype at least a few times a week, but it's almost always audio only. We very rarely use it (or FaceTime) for video calls.

fredd TrumpLand
08/15/16 1:35 pm

Yup, mostly with family. Conference calls with work are voice only.

celloVirtuoso buried in sheet music
08/15/16 1:28 pm

Not as of now, but my mom and I have agreed to skype rather often once I leave for college.

auntiesamm Orange County CA
08/15/16 11:03 am

FaceTime with my granddaughter and great-grandson. In fact we will talk this afternoon.

taumpy Massachusetts
08/15/16 10:53 am

FaceTime is pretty great. I use a cheap tracfone for professional use and use my iPhone with just wifi, and make my "phone calls" with FaceTime at home on my own wifi.

Saves a ton of money

08/15/16 10:45 am

Not on a regular basis, but we did get my mom an iPhone recently so we tend to FaceTime now instead of just talk on the phone.

susanr Colorado
08/15/16 9:25 am

I've never used it, even once. I'm deathly allergic to it. Even just the audio part.

susanr Colorado
08/16/16 11:32 am

At least you know that it's not just you guys...

ronderman North Carolina
08/17/16 3:45 am

Ha! I know. A guy can dream though😜

BeefComandant Sol III
08/15/16 8:11 am

I've used it for online testing for summer classes, but not on a regular basis

bnnt Los Angeles
08/15/16 8:08 am

Skype and Bluejeans for work. FaceTime for family.

FATSHADOW Cyborg Gorilla
08/15/16 7:24 am

We have clients all over the country and handful overseas so its just easier to have meets via video-conference.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
08/15/16 6:04 am

Rarely. I have used Google Hangouts to do SOHHO more than anything else. The next would be FaceTime, because I have a friend who prefers that to talking or texting, but it's an occasional thing.

Ag2013 Texas
08/15/16 6:00 am

We use WebEx and Lync quite a bit for work.

08/15/16 4:38 am

Selling software for this purpose I s actually my job.

Kimbobee the middle of nowhere
08/15/16 4:36 am

Yep! Skype, FaceTime and Google Hangouts.

ronderman North Carolina
08/15/16 4:26 am

Every Thursday night when we do SOHHO. You should watch it.

gonzoboy Arizona
08/15/16 5:02 am

G'Mornin' ronderman! So, how does one access your SoHHO?...

ronderman North Carolina
08/15/16 8:26 pm

Sorry for the late response, I've been helping a friend move houses all day.

SOHHO (as you know) is an online SOH talk show hosted by firefly and myself. Once a week, normally on Thursdays, either firefly or I will put out a poll letting everyone know if we are planning on doing the show that evening. We will then ask for good questions to be posted in the comment section of that poll. When it comes time to start the show, firefly will post a link and people can watch live or delayed on YouTube.

You can see old shows by looking at our old polls and looking in the comment section for those links. The shows are always lighthearted and we try not to get into politics or heavy topics that will cause anger to happen. It's all in good fun and people get to put voices and faces with user names on the app.

If anyone would like to do it some time, just let us know.

gonzoboy Arizona
08/16/16 11:15 am

Thank you kindly, good sir! It sounds like a lotta good fun and friendship! :)

ronderman North Carolina
08/16/16 11:18 am

It is. It's a way to build the "relationship" portion of the app. It's harder for people to blatantly troll people once you put a face to the username.

gonzoboy Arizona
08/15/16 4:22 am

Rarely. And on those rare occasions, I've only used FaceTime.-