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Yessy August 15th, 2016 4:24am

Honest Question: Republicans why did you chose to be Republicans? What specific ideas or beliefs influenced you to join or form part of the Republican Party? Please answer so that others get to see your ideas and viewpoints! Express yourselves!

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Ebola1 Florida
08/22/16 4:06 am

Because I realized that the conservatism is the politics of reality and, as such, is the most compassionate political philosophy yet devised.

chinito Florida
08/16/16 9:13 pm

As a teen I was a liberal. ✌

As I grew up and started working I wanted the government out of my life so I became a libertarian.

When I became a father I started thinking how do I behave, what values do I hold, and what would be better for the country were my children are going to grow up.. That's when I realized I am a conservative.

Iamamerican California
08/15/16 7:38 am

I was a democrat until Clinton was elected. I thought he & Hillary were so corrupt that I became an Independent. Then because California won't let independents vote for a republican in the primaries I became a republican.
In general, I think more like a Reagan republican.

HenryJRoberts Hmmm
08/15/16 6:53 am

The republican platform is why I'm republican

08/15/16 5:04 am

It used to be a party of principles and the Constitution. I don't recognize it anymore.

08/15/16 6:28 am

Agreed. Now constitutionalists have to move to libertarian or constitution party

08/15/16 7:18 am

I think we can take the party back. I'm not a fan of the libertarian platform

08/15/16 4:33 am

Growing up under Carter was horrible. Reagan was like a safe father figure after carters weak and bumbling (embarrassing) stag-flatiron.

08/15/16 4:36 am

Since then I have seen democrats as lying deceiving hypocrites who say anything to get elected, then do the opposite. Also, democrats seem to not know or understand the constitution (because they don't like the limits on power). Democrats always try to tell people what they can or cannot do and how they should live - it's all about control.

Domino3 Abolish the ATF
08/15/16 1:26 am

Republicans, at least the "conservative" party represent more what the founding ideas of America. Being traditional value, which aligns with the the way I grew up. Economically, they are farther right being more into privatizism and capitalism which is what drew the American economy to be so dominant. Foreign policy, eh, but honesty democrats only talk about peace but have caused more wars and intervene on other nations. So republicans intervene a little less. Honestly both parties suck to me, but republicans are not complete sell outs to me.

xxxceo Nationalist
08/15/16 1:06 am

Republicans just always seemed to have the most common sense to me. From the time I was just learning about politics, Republicans were always the stable ones. Democrats wanted to be in everybody's business, regulate everything, expand government, and generally cry about things being unfair. I understand it's not always the case, but that was the impression that was left and it stuck as I got older.

GingerFascist Ireland
08/14/16 10:14 pm

So, I'm not Republican, I'm not even American. But most Conservatives as far as I can tell join the party for small government and traditional values. They see themselves as the party of your nation's founders.

cheeseontop FactsOverFeelings
08/14/16 9:46 pm

Because republicans are generally conservative.

gameplayer2014 Constipated Clefable
08/14/16 9:32 pm

Honestly? Anyone BUT Hilary. And if I don't vote trump then my vote doesn't matter. Media only reports on Dems and Reps. Which is retarded in my opinion.

Yessy French Texan
08/14/16 9:34 pm

Well I'm making 4 separate polls like this one for Democrats,Republicans,Libertarians,and Independents! I want to know how or what influenced their ideology ! It can't just be because my parents were this or that!