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SarahD in your orbit
06/30/13 11:35 pm

hsim and I, with another friend, were interviewed for the Today Show while we were in New York! I've also sung on a local news show.

HalfDozenMama in my scrapbook room
06/30/13 9:23 pm

Interviewed by local news with my son, story was about a new Karate class for autistic kids my son was in.

chickencookie It really is
06/30/13 4:35 pm

Many years ago we were in Atlantic City and they were filming an American Bandstand" type of show. I got to dance with some creepy guy and it was shown on a local station. About 10 years ago we saw a filming of regis and Kathy Lee and i was in aud.

06/30/13 2:56 pm

Yes...I have been in the audience and shown at American Idol, Rock Star: Inxs and Ellen Degeneres tapings.

KatG Liberal in Ohio
06/30/13 2:37 pm

Some arsehole pipe bombed my exes truck and the news crews kept filming us outside our home and in the court room. Vultures.

stickman46 NJ
06/30/13 12:44 pm

Since it is mounted on the wall,it is tough to get on it ;)

chinito Florida
07/02/13 1:41 pm

Also, now we have flat screen TV. How do you fit in there.

fredd TrumpLand
06/30/13 11:11 am

Only in the background when I was working at a kind of celebrity event.

squib Northern New England
06/30/13 9:34 am

Interviewed by the local news about breastfeeding.

shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
06/30/13 9:24 am

No - but I've been on YouTube quite a bit

Kris Humidity Central
06/30/13 9:11 am

I was an extra in the set of a movie... Cause right place right time and why the hell not?

baskins The Foothills
06/30/13 7:24 am

Was in a commercial or two back in the day

baskins The Foothills
06/30/13 5:27 pm

I modeled tuxes in a bridal show that was taped and turned into a commercial and my dad is an esthetician and I was in a commercial for his salon.

dawl adulting
06/30/13 7:17 am

I did some "extra" work a long time ago for tv shows, it was fun to see later on tv.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
06/30/13 7:11 am

Yes I was on the Christian TV show many years ago about healing. I have been an interviewed on the news. And I am those people that they shoot from the audience.

06/30/13 7:02 am

Anything counts as long as you're on the screen. Local television, public television, in the news for homicide, (let's hope you're in jail and not SOH) it all counts.

elleck SOH Fan Club
06/30/13 2:18 pm

People in prison around here have Internet too!

06/30/13 7:01 am

Yeah for like 5 minutes at a hockey game, if that counts.

06/30/13 8:16 am

Five minutes is actually a really long time to show you on TV if you were just in the audience. Was there a major accident that happened right in front of you? Just curious.