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Show Of Hands June 30th, 2013 12:31pm

Do you support the use of red light and speed cameras to automatically enforce traffic laws and issue tickets to violators?

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Jacob2015 Garden City, KS
07/10/13 9:39 pm

We want the law but yet we don't want cameras that make sure we uphold them?

That don't make sense.

07/06/13 10:30 am

There needs to be readjustments on the cameras, but I do support them. There's a difference between someone catching the last second of that yellow light and someone blatantly disregarding the light and almost causing an accident. Bad driving can be

07/06/13 10:33 am

dangerous to yourself and others, and you should be punished for doing selfish things like that. But I'm not referring to those who are in a rush one day and run a light. So overall I think they're a good idea, unless I get a ticket of course ;) haha

wingman646 Jacksonville
07/05/13 4:39 pm

Guilty until proven innocent...Oh wait, you don't get to prove you're innocent. Guilty until the ticket is paid, whether you were the one driving or not! One word: Unconstitutional.

titan14151 Ohio
07/05/13 6:10 am

Everyone who said no is still pissed about their ticket hahaha

07/03/13 9:15 pm

Something is wrong when you get a ticket because you didn't stop long enough before turning right on red. The should have to show that you risked the safety of another before they can issue a ticket. It is all about safety.....isn't it?

EarlyBird Portland
07/03/13 6:59 am

One time when I was driving my mil's car, I got a speeding ticket by camera. Of course the ticket was sent to her house. I wasn't able to clear her name, as i was out of town but I paid the ticket. Unfortunately, she was stuck with the points. :-/

soflasooner Ft. Lauderdale
07/02/13 8:22 pm

These things are about nothing more than REVENUE - public safety has nothing to do with it. Just another big government scourge.

MoonFireDancer New Jersey
07/02/13 2:29 pm

My aunt finally got pulled over thanks to those cameras! Her reign of unnoticed terror has finally ended!

azpride Arizona
07/01/13 5:38 pm

Here you have to be going 10 over for speeding and they increased the length of the yellow light. They are pretty fair here and I've never had a problem with them aside from making traffic move slower.

07/02/13 9:34 am

That's funny. A national study published in Car & Driver said that yellow lights are a full second to a second and a half shorter on intersections with cameras.

nero101 Illinois
07/01/13 5:20 pm

I agree that the cameras need some readjustments such as right-on-red detection and so forth; however, they are there to enforce the law and those running a red light should be stopped and fined. I agree they are annoying, but if they are fixed and readjusted, it's a good idea.

gspresq9791 Connecticut
07/01/13 3:59 pm

I follow driving laws, so I've got nothing to worry about:)

07/01/13 3:36 pm

How can you call yourself a Libertarian and agree with this police tactic??

theNobamist Silicon Valley
07/01/13 2:31 pm

In many towns near me, they've shortened the yellow to as little as a half second! (they do it to make more money) And the cameras take pictures when they shouldn't. You cannot "face your accuser" and thus should be banned. Studies show that they cause more rear-end collisions at crossings.

Rotavele Alabama
07/01/13 12:23 pm

Absolutely not! They should never do that. If we don't, people will speed more and run red lights and that's perfect for the 4 year old girl who didn't look where she was going. She needs to learn beforehand to look both ways, dumb girl...

brentwho Home
07/01/13 12:12 pm

They cause more problems than they solve.
The only reason they exist is as an income stream for the government.

ajbilius Wisconsin
07/01/13 11:16 am

I think it's a waste of resources. We have traffic police- how about devote that money and energy to more serious crimes?

NiiroK El Taco
07/01/13 9:46 am

It's the job of the police to enforce traffic laws, but when machines do your work for you it shows laziness and unprofessionalism. If I'm doing 69 in a 65, I'd rather have an OFFICER confront me than have a camera take a picture and surprise me days later with a ticket in the mail (inefficiency?)

theNobamist Silicon Valley
07/01/13 2:32 pm

Tell them "the check is in the mail" :)

dogsaver new Jersey
07/01/13 7:50 am

It's just another unrepresented tax!

07/01/13 6:25 am

If it'll ticket cops who just flick on their lights just to get through the light, then I might consider it.

07/01/13 5:53 am

When people start stopping at the light and revenue goes down they shorten the yellow light to make it harder to stop to increase revenue. Studies show that increasing the yellow light duration by a sec reduced people running it without a camera.

07/01/13 5:54 am

Another form of big brother and the government trying to do everything. I don't think they are a good idea. They cause more rear end collisions from people trying to stop also.

mac007 Mars
07/01/13 2:48 am

I really don't care either way.

itsbread Southern California
06/30/13 11:50 pm

I don't want a robot to judge my actions.

pmurray00 New Jersey
06/30/13 11:37 pm

Speeding and going through red lights is dangerous.

Kobejr Orlando, Fl
06/30/13 9:58 pm

All these cameras are b.s. I'm all for following the law but this is ridiculous. If I'm at a red light and there is nobody there why should I have to sit there? Our own government is stealing from us now

Matt1981 The Who Dat Nation
06/30/13 9:52 pm

Here in New Orleans don't have a heart attack during rush hour you're screwed. People won't move from the white stop line until the light turn green. Not even for emergency vehicles. Unfortunately there isn't many people that will take a ticket for being a Good Samaritan. Consider yourself dead.

mcleanj7 Dayton, WA
06/30/13 9:43 pm

If you drive within the law you will have no worry about the camera or getting a ticket from it. Just because you cannot see the officer is not a good reason. It is just more likely to see how you really drive when you can't see the officer before.

kweensixx WA
06/30/13 9:38 pm

I just received a fat ticket in the mail from a traffic camera. I hate those things.

06/30/13 8:58 pm

No. This is America. We have a constitutional right to face our accuser. You cannot confront a traffic camera, so it is therefore unconstitutional.

theflash greater NYC
06/30/13 8:51 pm

Why do some many people support a police-state?

Let me have my freedom.


ilovelamp Trenton
06/30/13 9:39 pm

Cause new jersey cops are the worst haha im with you brother!

theNobamist Silicon Valley
07/01/13 2:34 pm

Will the "Speed enforced by aircraft" signs be replaced by "Moving violations punished by drones" signs?

theflash greater NYC
06/30/13 8:51 pm

Why do some many people support a police-state?

Let me have my freedom.


06/30/13 8:33 pm

Red light cameras, yes. Speed cameras, NO!

06/30/13 8:10 pm

Coming from a NYer, the things constantly are going off even when they shouldn't be. They make a lot of mistakes or give tickets to people for not stopping for a full 5-10 second count when turning on red or such. They probably create more error than justice. Just a moneymaker.

06/30/13 7:06 pm

Coming from the state most notorious for its traffic cameras, I say NO!! I got a ticket for not stopping "long enough" at a stop sign, and my driving record was perfect up to that point!

07/06/13 10:34 am

Yeah that's just ridiculous!

mariella9911 Colorado
06/30/13 6:52 pm

No. I should be able to face the officer accusing me.

andrewv SC
06/30/13 6:50 pm

No because I have too many tickets already :(

06/30/13 6:21 pm

This forum has road rage.

...also, atrocious attempts at "logic" to justify illegal, dangerous behavior.

06/30/13 6:13 pm

They are great--when they work properly. Just like brakes, and traffic police. They increase safety, they do what cops do, only cheaper and (when set up properly) more efficiently. Like anything, set it up wrong, and expect failure.

purplemonkey New York
06/30/13 6:12 pm

people who say no are the violators I'm assuming

06/30/13 7:12 pm

ummm no

06/30/13 7:27 pm

Not really I'm against just because it goes against Due process

8ESBABY Houston
06/30/13 6:04 pm

Not anymore!!

(And Thank GOD because one of 'em got me - friggin Robo cop!)

8ESBABY Houston
06/30/13 6:05 pm

Oops, I read it wrong. NO, I don't support it, but Houston once had them.

Dhawgg Hoist The Black Flag
06/30/13 6:03 pm

People who said yes are delusional. They don't increase safety at all. It's nothing more than a revenue generator for the city.

06/30/13 6:03 pm

65% of the people on this board think that it's only necessary to follow the laws that they like.

bkcrt California
06/30/13 5:52 pm

35% of the people on this app are fascists that support a police state.

06/30/13 5:42 pm

No cop, no stop.

06/30/13 5:14 pm

a) increase public safely through compliance with speed limits, and
b). Raise public revenue from the jerks who are not civil enough to observe posted speed limits.

brharper13 New York
06/30/13 5:05 pm

I think we should look at the revenue generated IN THE LONG RUN vs. the upfront cost and upkeep. People will generally realize these cameras exist and stop running lights...keyword generally, some things can't be prevented such as stupidity

YouWantMeToPay ... for THIS
06/30/13 4:48 pm

We HAD them here. They generated millions for the city... then we fought to have them turned OFF and WON!

06/30/13 2:58 pm

The fallacy is they prevent accidents, but only a certain kind. They actually increase rear end accidents for people who slam on their breaks to avoid the chance of running a red light.

fredd TrumpLand
06/30/13 3:36 pm

20% of fatalities and 50% of serious injuries from road accidents come from intersection collisions. Rear ending someone at the relatively low impact speeds you get at lights is considerably safer.

brharper13 New York
06/30/13 4:56 pm

Causing people to second guess themselves while driving isn't safer. How many of those fatal intersection collisions were caused by people intending on running the light? Probably very few. Traffic cams can't fix drunks or texting or medical conditions ensuing at the wheel

suppressedID anti Gilead
06/30/13 2:18 pm

Do the crime, do the time.

Stop whining.

deathvalley Chicago native
06/30/13 1:58 pm

Red light cameras are garbage.

Just got one the other day because I was making a right hand turn and didn't stop behind the white line... Well Chicago I can't see who's coming behind the white line, I pulled up far enough to see

ScrewU Gone
06/30/13 2:53 pm

Yeah. Fuck pedestrians in the crosswalk.

deathvalley Chicago native
06/30/13 2:55 pm

It's actually not a pedestrian walkway... It's a 4 lane highway intersecting at a 4 lane highway that no one walks across.

fredd TrumpLand
06/30/13 3:38 pm

In California at least, you're supposed to stop behind the line before you pull forwards. Not that anyone does that. All right turns should be exempt from camera penalties IMO.