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mtdewbob August 14th, 2016 11:41am

Ferguson, Baltimore, Milwaukee, have all had race riots since 2014. Republican or Democrat control governments in each one of these cities?

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TheCameron UCF
08/14/16 10:07 am

Sample size of 3

mtdewbob Arizona
08/14/16 10:20 am

Unless you consider the 5 million people who live in Baltimore, The 4 million people live in Milwaukee and the thousand or so people that live in Ferguson outside of St. Louis which is about a population of 5 million. All told that a sample size of 14 million people that have been affected by these riots sponsored by BLM and supported by Hillary Clinton.

TheCameron UCF
08/14/16 10:30 am

Try again, this is anecdotal evidence. You're free to try to find actual data on this. Maybe cities run by democrats are more likely to face riots and whatnot, but this is a classic lesson in correlation isn't causation.

TheCameron UCF
08/14/16 10:33 am

And while you're at it, because we all watched the protests and riots on the news, why not just include 300 million Americans in your sample size.

mtdewbob Arizona
08/14/16 10:35 am

I don't intend to do your homework for you student. Get out it.

EarlyBird Portland
08/14/16 10:05 am

Mdte, I shared your poll hoping to hear what liberals have to say about this.

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
08/14/16 9:49 am

If they were Republican controlled, that's all you'd hear about in the media. But, you don't hear squat about whose controlling those cities because they're run by Dems. Media bias, misleading the public at every turn. That should be a slogan somewhere, no?

geoag02 Dallas, TX
08/14/16 6:12 am

The left has tried to get one going in Dallas twice. Just hasn't worked. We all get along pretty well here and like our cops.

cowboy Doors of Perception
08/14/16 5:58 am

The Communists have complete control as long as they have the blessing from the Marxist in the White House.