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Plaudible August 14th, 2016 12:09am

Have you had a long drive this past week? (>3 hours)

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TopsQueen Oregon Coast
08/13/16 7:37 pm

Oh yes. North Bend Oregon to Eugene Oregon to Dallas Oregon. With one huge traffic jam on I five which caused a big traffic jam in Corvallis which caused a big traffic jam in Momonth.

dwalte10 Toledo, Ohio
08/13/16 5:34 pm

Last Monday I had a four hour drive from my hometown to Chicago O'Hare International Airport, followed by a very long flight.

gow488 Korea
08/13/16 5:21 pm

I just came home from a 4.5 hour drive.

ItsAMeABree probably at a piano
08/13/16 5:18 pm

On vacation in nyc right now, I live in upstate ny so the drive was 3-4 hours