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GlockMan1 Alabama
08/13/16 4:18 pm

We go to great lengths to avoid offending everybody....EXCEPT GOD.

IronSpiderchan Communism is a disease
08/13/16 11:13 am

Sorry for my bad grammar lol

08/13/16 10:50 am

Generation of snowflakes. Try to teach them something and they run to their safe space.

Arngard Nordrvegr
08/13/16 10:31 am

Absolutely! People are in "gay modus". Waving hands, screaming hysterical, over natural things.

mpurple oh no. trump won.
08/13/16 11:17 am

Wtf does gay have to do with the question?

Arngard Nordrvegr
08/13/16 11:25 am

And...there we have one :)