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LochnessMonster June 30th, 2013 4:47am

When researching something do you hate having to read a whole page of crap to try to find the answer you're looking for or is it just me?

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Wert A picture of my junk
07/01/13 12:06 am

Aside from the goofy multiple posted polls like this one, I am also finding that I am answering the same polls more than once. It's like some of them reset between visits.

XercesBlue ...
06/30/13 10:20 am

Ctrl+F is my hero. Otherwise, yes.

tdaddy Kentucky
06/30/13 2:21 am

Not really hate it because when I'm done Googling I rarely have to read that much crap. The only thing I hate is when Google doesn't "get it" and I have to modify my search terms over and over until Google and I are both on the same page.

fredd TrumpLand
06/29/13 10:02 pm

Triple post! I wonder if it's like the old commenting bug.

LochnessMonster Milky way
06/29/13 10:26 pm

Yay for bugs in the new update!!!!!

Wert A picture of my junk
06/29/13 10:48 pm

Oh good. Somebody else sees it. I thought I was caught up in a causality loop for a moment, there.

LochnessMonster Milky way
06/29/13 11:15 pm

I think I'm the first to triple post. I've seen a lot of double but no triples until me :-) I feel special :-)

shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
06/29/13 9:50 pm

Getting all the information is important

LochnessMonster Milky way
06/29/13 11:17 pm

But when your looking for just an answer doesn't it get annoying?

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
06/29/13 11:20 pm

It can be, but there is always the chance you'll learn something new while reading the entire page to find your answer, and that's always a plus! :-)