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AmericanWolf August 13th, 2016 12:37pm

Let's say you wanted to step outside today and get a little fresh air. Walking only, do you think you could reach a spot without any signs of human development within thirty minutes?

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CMD1973 Oxford iowa
08/15/16 1:57 pm

No . I know of several spots along the Iowa river that are in the federal reserve where a person would be far enough away from human development not to be bothered, but i would need my car.

XercesBlue ...
08/14/16 8:47 pm

Err.. like, out of line of sight? I can easily go to an acre or two without development.. otherwise, give me 15 mins in a car lol

susanr Colorado
08/13/16 4:50 pm

NO signs of human development? No. I live in a smallish city (155,000) that has plenty of trails, parks, natural areas, a river, lakes, ponds, marshy areas, etc., but even those areas have *some* indications of human development. And even when I'm walking in woods, I'm still getting some glimpses of buildings off in the distance.

I'd have to go a bit farther to get away from all traces of humans, at least up into the foothills.

phalnx Ohio
08/13/16 3:33 pm

I live close to a river and a metropark, so yes...just need enough trees around me to block out all the human stuff.

peterseb Idaho
08/13/16 2:18 pm

Today yes, I am at my mom and dad's for the weekend. They are on the edge of the desert, so 15 minutes and I could be quite isolated.

08/13/16 11:28 am

I live in the midst of parks and forests. I could probably reach that point in 5 minutes.

chickencookie Biden crime syndicate
08/13/16 10:45 am

I live near a park with lots of woods and lakes I could get to in that time maybe less.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
08/13/16 8:14 am

Only if the ocean floor counts.

HonestyIsBest Rockaway Beach, NY
08/13/16 7:44 am

If I could walk in a straight line for 5 minutes, let alone 30, I'll be standing in the ocean.

cpaswr just say the letters
08/13/16 6:01 am

Nope. I live in suburbia. If I blindfolded you and took you to my house, you wouldn't have any idea that I live in suburbia. But, all of the things that suburbia contains is a 2 minute car ride away.

skinner Jersey City
08/13/16 6:00 am

From rural Massachusetts where I live? Absolutely. From Boston where I'm working this summer? No way, unfortunately.

AmericanWolf For the Benefit of All
08/13/16 5:39 am

I live right by the woods. I could probably reach a point where I wouldn't be able to see any houses around me within ten to twenty minutes.