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CaseyHolloway August 13th, 2016 6:44am

Do you approve of Barack Obama's overall job performance since January 2009?

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Ebola1 Florida
08/14/16 11:32 am

Our first anti-American president.

08/13/16 10:02 am

Hell no! Does no good to write Washington. Correspondence has never, during Obama's reign, even been acknowledged. He does not care what we the people think of issues. Pompous to a fault!

Think Lovin Life
08/13/16 6:33 am

MrO is one of the worst presidents in history.

08/13/16 6:51 am

You haven't studied very president to know that!

Think Lovin Life
08/13/16 8:58 am

Borny ... and you know this because?

08/13/16 2:45 pm

Because of your comment!

Think Lovin Life
08/13/16 3:56 pm

Borny ... I've studied them enough to know that by association, MrO is horrible.

08/13/16 5:24 pm

List of examples comparing him to every president...ready...go!

Think Lovin Life
08/13/16 11:03 pm

Borny ... continue your hallucination.

08/14/16 4:51 am

Nice evidence...your studies have really paid off!

Think Lovin Life
08/14/16 6:03 am

Borny ... your evidence of MrO's successes is overwhelming.

08/14/16 6:07 am

I never said he was great...never compared him to all the rest of the presidents like you did! Thank you for affirming that you had no clue with your original comment!

Malekithe This does not compute
08/13/16 5:18 am

Let me sum this up. 💩