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Yessy August 13th, 2016 5:43am

Why are some men still a bit hesitant to the idea of women having equal pay?

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08/13/16 2:44 pm

I have never heard or seen that sentiment

allswel Minnesota
08/13/16 12:50 pm

Because so many of us are stuck on thinking of everything as a zero sum game.

"If someone else is getting something, I must be getting less."

GoFlo Peace Through Strength
08/13/16 8:15 am

Because they're not. You get what you deserve and earn.

Donaldo lets go brenden
08/13/16 2:26 am

I don't know people like this

Iamamerican California
08/12/16 11:43 pm

I don't know any guys like that. Hmmm

shoeless Texas
08/12/16 10:46 pm

I made less than my wife for the first 10 years we were married. No big deal. Not quite the same as an equal pay situation, but the root could be the same.

Yessy Astros WS 22 Champs
08/12/16 10:54 pm

Haha thxs for always answering me!