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Centre Seattle Centrist
08/13/16 1:04 am

Both are trash. Jon is a bleeding heart liberal and Crowder is a Facebook neckbeard conservative.

Centre Seattle Centrist
08/13/16 1:05 am

But I'd rather listen to Crowder.

Brandon2018 Stocks Are Overvalued
08/12/16 10:21 pm

Jon is a better comedian, but Crowder is a more logical human by far.

clmcd42 Texas
08/12/16 9:37 pm

Steven isn't totally retarded, but he is nowhere near the comedic genius of Jon Stewart.

DatRepublican Virginia
08/12/16 9:49 pm

He isn't retarded at all. He's excellent at debate and his skits are very funny. But yeah he isn't as funny as Jon.

DatRepublican Virginia
08/12/16 9:23 pm

I honestly think Jon Stewart is better even as a republican. But this is probably going to get partisan answers. Jon's jokes are hilarious while Steven is pretty good himself, just not as funny though.