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bubba2526 New Jersey
08/12/16 10:00 pm

Yeah all the time we go out every Saturday night and let's just say he slays with the ladies... But for real if God is talking to you you need meds it could be a serious condition

thatguy2 We tried to warn you
08/12/16 9:14 pm

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leftistatheist Antifa
08/12/16 8:23 pm

"If you talk to god you're religious. If god talks to you you're schizophrenic."

suppressedID hope despite the times
08/12/16 8:17 pm

I did see Morgan Freeman once, but we didn't get to chat.

08/12/16 8:01 pm

Not directly but I know he's there

EarlyBird Portland
08/12/16 7:26 pm

No, never. That's why I don't believe.

shoeless Texas
08/12/16 9:45 pm

That's the reason you don't believe?

EarlyBird Portland
08/12/16 9:59 pm

Hi shoeless. Yes, I've always wanted to believe but after years of praying and and getting nothing out of it, I finally realized I felt nothing because there is no God.

shoeless Texas
08/12/16 10:06 pm

I'm sorry to hear that. Sincerely. I will let you know that many many Christians don't hear something like an audible voice or see an obvious sign. Not that will change your mind at all, but more often it is a calming reassurance, or something that could be easily brushed off as coincidence. Just something to think about if you are still hoping. I'm certain that God exists, that he hears every prayer, even those made in troubled times from typical non-believers or professed atheists. But I also believe the absence of a confirmation of Him hearing isn't always what we are looking for. We see one view of the world, He sees the entirety of everything. Hard to wrap our minds around that, but it's reasonable to say He knows more and sees well beyond our scope and his responses to prayer are keeping countless things in line at the same time.