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CoffeeNow August 12th, 2016 8:54pm

Olympic Committee on the pools turning green: "We learned that chemistry is not an exact science". Should the person who said this step down from any decision-making role that could affect participant safety?

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suppressedID hope despite the times
08/14/16 8:35 am

"Benzene fixes everything!"

- Olympic Poolboy

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
08/14/16 8:39 am

Pour some electrolytes in there. It's got what the pool craves!

missmorganmarie ...
08/12/16 4:27 pm


Liberty 4,032,064
08/12/16 3:29 pm

Out of context it does sound funny, but a reasonable person can understand what he meant by it.

dfish at home
08/12/16 3:03 pm

It is an exact science dummy! Nobody can admit the fuckedup anymore

CdtLJM New Jersey
08/13/16 6:57 am

Ideal gas laws, entropy, enthalpy, there are far to many imperfect things about chemistry. Chemistry on really gives us a "good approximation"

08/12/16 2:51 pm

Does green mean unsafe or just looks horrid?

KatG Liberal in Ohio
08/12/16 2:53 pm

It's algae and apparently, it smells like bad I'd guess it's not all that safe.

08/12/16 8:11 pm

It's not dangerous. It's not actually an ugly color green, it's a cool green color.

xxxceo Nationalist
08/12/16 1:58 pm

Lol what? 😂
Is there any more context here?

xxxceo Nationalist
08/12/16 2:02 pm

I can't read the whole thing, but I'm going to go with no more decision making for Mario.