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suppressedID August 12th, 2016 7:40pm

Do you respect women's athletics? (see link for the type of respect women are (not) getting)

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palindrome California
08/13/16 1:43 pm

Jesus Christ. Republicans are disgusting.

Im becoming more and more convinced that maybe mental illness might factor into identifying as republican ....

MyRedSkirt Cali
08/12/16 2:35 pm

Do women really find those comments offensive??? Just goes to show that they're insecure or selfish. No one is an island to themselves. Many people have a hand in helping Olympic athletes achieve their goals.

My hubby & I both support each other in the things we do. Since we're a team, I have no problem with him being referenced in regards to me.

suppressedID hope despite the times
08/12/16 8:12 pm

Honestly, you are the ONLY woman that I have heard that from. In fact, the poll was inspired by the avalanche discontent that I heard following all of these stories.

suppressedID hope despite the times
08/12/16 8:14 pm

They have suffered their share of disrespect, compared to the perks the men get for a far less impressive record.

But, yes, they weren't part of the story link.

orgblu10 Shamerica
08/12/16 2:08 pm

I have tremendous respect for female athletes! I knew many personally in college, and when coaching at the high school level. And my own two daughters both played multiple sports.

08/12/16 1:42 pm

Everything but women's basketball and lacrosse as lacrosse in women's is boring as fuck and a joke. Women's basketball doesn't have dunks so no

08/12/16 1:38 pm

I think it's great to do the best you can with what you have, but let's be honest people wanna see the best when they watch sports or athletic events, women don't cut it so I rarely will tune in

08/12/16 1:43 pm

Hmm, your theory here that women don't "cut it" and therefore people don't want to see them doesn't really work out in reality (

08/12/16 1:47 pm

One average what is watched more, women or men's sports?

08/12/16 1:53 pm

And that's only in the US.

08/12/16 2:03 pm

So it does work out in reality

08/12/16 2:08 pm

Depends on the sport and where it's being played/shown. Women's gymnastics has to be one of the most popular Olympic sports to watch. Running is often fairly balanced in terms of coverage. But yes, in the US, for example, in the most popular pro-sports (football, basketball, baseball, hockey), men get way more coverage and bring in way more money. It's not close. And in many countries, women's sports barely exist at any level. *I would never claim otherwise.* Just pointing out that the claim that women aren't "cutting it" (by whose standard?) or that people don't want to watch is exaggerated, which is why I provided that specific example of popular appeal.

By the way, commenting again every ten minutes when I haven't yet responded isn't going to magically elicit a faster response.

08/12/16 2:14 pm

So basically except for a few examples women sports don't get anywhere close to the coverage and when looking at skill level men athletes crush women, so not women don't cut it compared to men athletes

08/12/16 5:43 pm

Let me remind you that the male gymnasts at the Olympics sucked. Women won the gold and got the top two individual awards. So no, men aren't necessarily better than women in every sport.

08/12/16 5:57 pm

So a sport judged by a committee and without hard facts is going to be your arguing point?!?

08/12/16 6:14 pm

Considering you gave us your opinion and not hard facts, and you're not a sports expert, then yes. Yes, I am.

08/12/16 6:20 pm

Ok here are facts, men are better in every timed or measurable event in the olympics, by a large margin.

rons Thanks America
08/12/16 1:28 pm

I worked for a large telecommunications firm and if use the word GIRL you got a tongue lashing. They 2 years olds were women not girls! But I agree, Liberal NBC showed their true spots and down played the wonderful women events. I thought it was great when Simone Manuel won the gold to break the white ceiling.

susanr Colorado
08/12/16 1:18 pm

Some of the spoofs of reporting men's events or athletes the way women's have been covered are very funny - or sad, depending on the mood I'm in.

08/12/16 1:17 pm

Yes, as enjoyable as it is to watch people with lesser achievements belittle gold medalists 🙄. These women are tremendous.

08/12/16 1:39 pm

I keep thinking I've seen the most absurd comment and then something else appears- "Michael Phelps shares historic night with African-American." What a headline.

getupbaby South City
08/13/16 12:19 pm

At least she wasn't married to a lesser male athlete. Those headlines were pretty lame too.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
08/12/16 1:04 pm

I do.....but let's not pretend that women can compete with men. Other than that, I'm rooting them on. The women's 10,000 meter final was amazing!