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truspec Texas
08/12/16 7:41 pm

College football>>>
More variety, better storylines, less stupidity, better/more creative offense

omniku dot com
08/12/16 1:47 pm

Are you asking which organization is less evil or which has better games? Because at this point, although I love football I think both the NFL and NCAA are pretty evil.

StickyRaccoon Vermont
08/12/16 12:28 pm

Alright well as long as your not a cowboys fan..

political Georgia
08/12/16 12:14 pm

I really enjoy college football because I enjoy going to my University's games. I try not to miss a game. I watch most on TV.

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
08/12/16 12:15 pm

I guess Southern isn't too bad.

political Georgia
08/12/16 12:17 pm

Of course not Tech! I attend Georgia Southern University. We will be playing Tech, and I hope that we beat them because my cousin attends Tech. Just FYI, we lost by less than a touchdown last time we played Tech. A costly fumble was the difference. Also, we took University of Georgia to overtime last year. About three years ago we beat the University of Florida. Never underestimate Eagle Nation!

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
08/12/16 12:27 pm


I don't hate Southern.

Just Tech.

political Georgia
08/12/16 12:33 pm

You are going to be True Blue when we beat Tech!