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polster2 August 12th, 2016 6:20pm

Health care premiums and deductibles are skyrocketing, squeezing middle-class Americans and representing 20% of household spending since Obamacare took effect. 72% of remaining exchanges are likely to fail later this year. Is Obamacare successful?

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SupremeDolphin They.them
08/12/16 1:24 pm

Millions more have health care, so in that regard it's a success.

polster2 US
08/12/16 1:35 pm

And health care is now more expensive for everyone.

SupremeDolphin They.them
08/12/16 1:56 pm

And that's why we need a single payer.

polster2 US
08/12/16 1:58 pm

So that care can be rationed? So that people can die waiting for health care which is inadequate anyway? No thanks!

SupremeDolphin They.them
08/12/16 2:33 pm

Ha! Health care is already rationed, but by wealth. I think it should be rationed by need.

polster2 US
08/12/16 5:26 pm

That's socialism.

SupremeDolphin They.them
08/12/16 6:56 pm

No it's not, but that's not an argument.

polster2 US
08/13/16 6:03 am

How is it not socialism? You're taking from the rich and giving to the poor. I believe that everyone should pay their fair share for healthcare, including poor people.

SupremeDolphin They.them
08/13/16 6:13 am

Well socialism means worker ownership of the means of production. But even still, calling something socialism doesn't end an argument.

polster2 US
08/13/16 6:14 am

Because Venezuela's economy is thriving?

SupremeDolphin They.them
08/13/16 6:40 am

Venezuela's primary export is oil, and the price of oil drastically declined. The government failed to respond.

polster2 US
08/13/16 6:42 am

The sector is nationalized. Venezuela's command economy also gives special treatment to voters registered in the socialist party, and too much money printing, borrowing, and spending has led to insanely high inflation. The government's price controls have caused shortages of basic goods that lead to hours-long lines and starvation. And you want to adopt a similar system for health care? Are you trolling?

SupremeDolphin They.them
08/13/16 12:25 pm

I'm not trolling, but they're not suffering because of socialized medicine. I'm sure of that.

polster2 US
08/16/16 7:02 am

People die waiting for care at the VA, and now you want to adopt a similar system for all Americans? Sounds like you're trolling.

08/12/16 12:05 pm

Just lower The Medicare threshold age from 65. Maybe lower it five-year increments over the course of the next few decade. For those of you who ask how are we going to pay for this simple; raise taxes on multi millionaires and billionaires! I'm stop allowing corporations to offshore in places like Ireland.

08/12/16 12:11 pm

You'll run out of other people's money, eventually.

polster2 US
08/12/16 12:30 pm

DonutHole...The rich are leaving the US and becoming ex-pats in record numbers, and the number one reason is due to taxes being too high. You will eventually run out of rich people's money.

08/12/16 1:04 pm

Really, the wealthy are leaving our country?

polster2 US
08/12/16 1:16 pm

Yes, they're leaving.

08/12/16 1:41 pm

So the likes of Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, Bill and Melinda Gates, Jeff Bezos and the billionaires who owns all sports franchise with the millionaires who play for them, just to name a few, have left the USA? Did they denounce their citizenship? Please show is all material as to where the wealthy who have left the US are now exactly living?

Think Lovin Life
08/13/16 6:05 am

Polster ... you clearly don't understand. I was an expat for 13 years, and as such I was liable for taxes in the US and my work country. Avoiding US taxes is a reason to move abroad and then denounce your US citizenship.

Avoiding idiocy like MrO has caused is not the reason people are leaving. They are becoming expats because the oppressive leftist stance against business is causing good paying jobs to leave our country.

08/13/16 12:53 pm

Think, thank you for explaining taxes and living out of the country. I too travel and have found ex-pats who live well on various income streams they created in the US. However, I disagree on the outsourcing of jobs that the current president has pushed over seas. The private sector manufacturing base that we once had will mostly be done through robotics. The USA can not compete internationally to screw the heads of Barbie dolls or widgets and pay employees a livable pay with some benefits. The upside is the unemployment rate is down to 4.9% and stock market all-time high.

08/12/16 11:27 am

I wouldn't say Fox News is the most reliable source on this topic. Neither would msnbc, maybe a link to a study done by a mostly neutral source would sway me.

rons Thanks America
08/12/16 11:58 am

Who is the reliable source with actual facts. i know Aetna is dropping out, United Health Care drop out of many states as well as Human. Enrollment of the young is off and collecting premiums from taxes is not reliable.

rons Thanks America
08/12/16 11:59 am

Kiase, are you covered with the ACA exchange?

08/12/16 1:44 pm

@rons yes I am.
@polster thank you, I'm about to leave for work but I promise you I will read it when I get home.

Think Lovin Life
08/13/16 6:12 am

Kiase ... Fox News is an easy target for leftists. What you haven't done is refute the information that they made available that is detrimental to the fiasco that is 0'doesntcare.

The cost of healthcare with this fiasco has gone up dramatically. We could have provided Cadillac plans to the people for a LOT less money. My insurance premium has gone from $162/month to $2,200/month and my deductible went from $0 to $13,500 per year.

Most of the people who are counted by MrO's albatross already had Medicaid and are just now accounted for differently.

The monstrosity will fail and take many of us with it.

rons Thanks America
08/13/16 6:19 am

2017 will tell the story. Will Millennials sign up and actually pay? will the big insurers actually jump ship? Will premiums skyrocket? Wait and see.

polster2 US
08/13/16 6:33 am

So far, ten million fewer millennials have signed up for health insurance under Obamacare than predicted. Obviously, millennials save money by just paying the fine and hoping they don't get sick than buying expensive health insurance that they don't even need in most cases.

08/13/16 10:09 am

@think it's an easy target because it's biased. There are plenty of leftist news sources I wouldn't take as fact either. All I did was ask politely for another source which they provided.

I can agree that the ACA has been seeming to fail. Especially on this app considering the majority of users are middle or upper-middle class. So subsidies aren't there and rates skyrocket. 1. A result of a lot of companies waiting too long to increase their prices so now they have to skyrocket and 2. Probably a result of insurance companies being private. This is an issue. Insurance should not be a "business" in which the company is concerned with making money.

Obviously, though, universal health care is working fantastically in other countries, so either there's an issue with how the ACA lined out universal Heath care, or there's a problem with insurance companies. People seem a little more concerned with the problem then finding a solution. I know this goes off topic from the original question.

08/13/16 10:10 am

I think 2017 will show differences, but not enough to validate the ACA.

But this problem has roots deeper in insurance and government.