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pipes June 30th, 2013 2:30am

Have you ever lied on a social media profile?

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07/01/13 5:34 pm

Yes I have lied
To protect my identy

HayleyS looking up.
06/30/13 11:39 pm

I used to make my MySpace profile say I was older than I was; I was too young to actually have a MySpace. Hahaha

bnnt Los Angeles
06/29/13 10:22 pm

I use a fake FB just so I can play the games.
That's just courteous because those games spam real life friends.

AnnaRose Texas
06/29/13 9:44 pm

I made a fake FB one a few years ago but that's it.

satiricalnick meh
06/29/13 9:39 pm

I have a confession to make. I am in fact an 83 year old woman who owns 5-10 cats (whos counting?)

MrEdwin Mystery
06/30/13 2:56 am

We already knew

susanr Colorado
06/29/13 8:36 pm

Nope. Why would I make up being an overweight 66-year-old hippie commie scientist?

06/29/13 8:42 pm

Sounds believable to me! :)

susanr Colorado
06/29/13 8:53 pm

Exactly. Who would make that stuff up?

satiricalnick meh
06/29/13 10:14 pm

If youre a hippie commie scientist, why oppose file sharing?

susanr Colorado
06/29/13 10:17 pm

Because not everyone is a commie. I don't take things from other people just because I think everyone should have access; I wait until everyone has access.

susanr Colorado
06/29/13 10:57 pm

Sure it does, if you don't think stealing is a good thing to do. Say there are 10 of us, and George has grown 20 apples. If we were all commies, George might hand us each 2 apples. Or maybe 1 apple each, & make a pie with the rest, which we'd share.

susanr Colorado
06/29/13 10:59 pm

But we're not all commies. I am, but everyone else is a capitalist. George wants to sell the apples. I want one, so I buy it. Because stealing it, just because I want to live in a communist world, would still be stealing. We don't share the apples.

06/30/13 3:26 am

People mainly do it a lot for dating purposes. They make themselves look all perrrrrrty, guys a come lookin, and the imposter gets the satisfaction of attention. Ever heard of catfish? The also do it cuz their embarrassed.

06/30/13 3:27 am

If you do it cuz you're embarrassed it's more of a public profile instead of a profile for just your friends. Idk. People do it.

06/30/13 7:00 am

Catfish! I've seen that's kind of weird but entertaining nonetheless!

satiricalnick meh
06/29/13 7:49 pm

This is where pipes admits he's a 40 year old male child molester.

06/29/13 7:51 pm

That would explain SO much...

love4life wonderland
06/29/13 8:22 pm

But-but I thought slx was a teenage girl!

06/29/13 8:23 pm

And SatiricalNick is obviously an 80 year old woman.

Nizabelle Cambridge, MA
06/29/13 8:25 pm

Oh yes, he quite clearly is an 80 year old woman who knits sweaters for her 38 cats and yells and at the television while watching "The Price Is Rght"

06/29/13 8:26 pm

That is soooo accurate! I don't know how I didn't see this side of him before...err I mean...side of her.

Nizabelle Cambridge, MA
06/29/13 8:32 pm

I mean it fits, so it must be true!!!

06/30/13 3:28 am

Nick, how did you know??!!

grizzy Kansas
06/29/13 7:41 pm

Sounds like you have a story to tell us...

06/30/13 3:21 am

No story. Sorry grizzly.