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AnarchoComrade August 12th, 2016 11:47am

Study at one of the top 10 universities in the world, overseas, for $40,000 a year (total cost of tuition and living expenses), with no grants or scholarships; or at a relatively unknown, yet still good school within your state, for <$15,000?

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shygal47 Florida east coast
08/12/16 12:12 pm

If someone else is paying the bills, I'll dream.

infinity1 Cincinnati, OH
08/12/16 9:14 am

My school is around $40000, but I only go there because it was the only school I was accepted to that had architecture as a major.

FarmerManE djent
08/12/16 6:10 am

Not sure how to answer. I'm at my dream school and its only 3k a semester for tuition

08/12/16 6:20 am

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FarmerManE djent
08/12/16 9:22 am

I don't think I'd like to be at a giant d1 university anyway. I like the smaller size and the fact its closer to home

chinito Florida
08/12/16 5:23 am

Dream school, no doubt about it

chinito Florida
08/14/16 4:08 pm

I like to shoot for the sky. Why be good when you can be great?

DeanAD Blue Dog
08/12/16 5:22 am

We are enamored with the concept of the best: Oxford, Yale, Cambridge, Sorbonne but the reality is that with considered review of present opportunities, an excellent education can and is being had in ordinary public institutions. Don't bank as much on reputation as on the sterling achievement of your own intellect.

MrLucchese If curious, ask.
08/12/16 5:08 am

I wish the schools that I want to attend were only $40,000.