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LtCrisco23 August 12th, 2016 6:14am

Have you ever donated to a political campaign? (Feel free to comment the candidate's name)

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kdw45 Des Moines
08/12/16 12:34 pm

Marco Rubio, Carlos Lopez-Cantera, Gary Johnson.

Greenie Social Democrat
08/12/16 12:03 pm

Bernie sanders, pramila Jayapal, zephyr Teachout, Tim canova.

Centre Seattle Centrist
08/12/16 12:02 pm

You might as well donate to a rock.

08/12/16 4:25 am

Bernie 💛

LtCrisco23 Unabashed Millennial
08/11/16 11:16 pm

I've donated to both Gary Johnson and Evan McMullin this election cycle. Gotta support my economically responsible independents ✌️