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Arya8 August 12th, 2016 1:52am

Has the SoH comments section been taken over by judgmental trolls lately?

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Luftwaffe South of Heaven
08/12/16 3:57 am

No, people are just getting more sensitive at comments.

08/12/16 4:32 am

Nah, some people are assholes and trolls who exist to be that, and nothing more. That's always been the case, but it seems there are a few more than there used to be. That isn't a case of sensitivity or getting easily offended. When people seem to live to twist words or say things like, "I hope someone in your family dies" or "you're garbage," they're being a dick for no other reason than to be a dick.

cheeseontop FactsOverFeelings
08/11/16 7:54 pm

Alt right trolls have always been prevalent. Maybe the internet isn't for you.

08/12/16 3:41 am

Oh look! There's one now! The common troll in his natural habitat! Crickey!

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
08/11/16 7:51 pm

No more than usual. The names change but their mannerisms stay the same.

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
08/11/16 8:22 pm

For example, if I had a dollar for every time a different right-wing troll has told me that they hope somebody close to me dies...

shoeless Texas
08/11/16 9:22 pm

On behalf of the real conservatives - I'm sorry and that is unacceptable.

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
08/11/16 9:26 pm

Well thank you! I'm really not sure why that's so many people's go-to response when I comment anything relating to my pro-choice stance, but it's always very ironic to hear from somebody who labels themselves "pro-life".

shoeless Texas
08/11/16 9:42 pm

I agree. I've seen that before and when you point it out it makes their head explode! I'm pro-life, but pro-choice. That really messes with them.

orgblu10 Shamerica
08/11/16 7:27 pm

I don't know about the "lately" part. We are a really, really polarized society, and I think we're all running out of patience with each other. SOH is just reflecting that. The simple answer is to stay the heck out of the political polls. My original goal in coming here was to have fun. Period. I come to SOH every day with that objective. Some days are better than others.

08/11/16 7:04 pm

You must be stupid for thinking that.

08/11/16 7:07 pm

Can't tell if trying to be funny or truly a dick.

08/11/16 7:09 pm

Meant to add a lol to that, btw. Ha

susanr Colorado
08/11/16 7:02 pm

I wouldn't exactly call it "lately" (more like still, and I'm about at my wits' end) but yeah, I've been thinking we could do with a lot more listening to each other and a lot less judgey-judgey stuff. It's gonna be a loooong election season. And probably a tiresome Presidential term, whoever ends up in the hot spot.

I've been trying to find common ground in other less contentious places, with people I usually butt heads with. With some success.

08/11/16 7:08 pm

It's gotten worse over the time I have been here, I think. It's pretty ridiculous as of late. I think the whole world could use a good reminder of mom's old advice, "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

susanr Colorado
08/11/16 7:27 pm

OK, you hug him first.

susanr Colorado
08/11/16 7:29 pm

That doesn't reflect my personal motto very well. Sorry about that.

But since Friday isn't until tomorrow, give me a bit of a break and I'll try again then. Maybe I'll see some meteors tonight and get cosmically inspired.

shoeless Texas
08/11/16 9:25 pm

Susanr - I have found any debate with you to be respectful and well thought out. While I might not agree with you, I can "hear" sincerity and educated passion behind your opinions. I agree it is a polarizing time and will be for a while after the swearing in in January, then it will calm a bit again.

susanr Colorado
08/11/16 9:36 pm

Thanks, shoeless! I appreciate that. I do try... Clearly, I practically fall off the left side of the political spectrum, but I try to be fair, to listen, to evaluate *all* stuff that people bring to the table for accuracy, and especially to not call people names (although I did tell someone today that if they didn't do a certain reasonable thing, they were just being a big boob, but that's about as bad as I get...).

(And when I wrote "you hug him first" up above, that referred to a certain other user who shall remain nameless, with whom I've been engaging a bit too much in the last few days. Not Wert, if that's what it sounded like. I'd hug him first any day!)

And I do believe it will get better after a while, yes. It has before.

Arya - Yeah, I have to agree, it is worse than usual. I do think it waxes and wanes, though. Maybe there's a certain additional negative element, lately...


susanr Colorado
08/11/16 9:40 pm

You've been here a bit longer than I have. I arrived the beginning of September 2012, shortly before the *last* Presidential election. I remember voting on SOH polls (it was before user polls were a thing), and trying to participate in comments, but some of the responses were so darned nasty that I went virtually silent for three months - not coincidentally, until a bit after the election. Only in December did I start commenting again, and got really active.

Periodically, though, I get *really* sick of the negativity and think I'll just walk away, and I have to talk myself out of that. I've come very close a number of times.

There really does seem to be poll after poll after poll just designed to rile people up currently, though... Not that there aren't polls that get us to *think* and listen to each other, but far too many of the kind that just provoke, and poke sticks at sore spots.

shoeless Texas
08/11/16 9:48 pm

Agreed. In re-reading my own polls, I know my desire was to say "here's something I noticed, I find something odd in it, is that just me?", but it can come out as "look as this junk, can you believe anyone feels/believes/ or acts this way?" Or along those lines. I try to be open minded, mainly so I can improve how I listen to opposing views. While I may not agree with a stance, the story of how someone got to that stance is more compelling to me. But, as we all are, I have my biases, and they show in my polls too. However, in my comments I will clearly state my opinion, but I earnestly try not to attack the person but where I see holes or contradictions in the opposing view. Which, I hope makes for good debate.

susanr Colorado
08/11/16 9:55 pm

Yep. Looking back at some of your polls, there are some I meant to comment on but didn't get around to it before they closed. I found one where we disagreed but had a *good* discussion, and you went out of your way to note that. And I'd like to say that I appreciated the poll where you asked us to pick a goal for the week (or something like that), and I was happy to note that I achieved mine!

shoeless Texas
08/11/16 9:56 pm

Fantastic. Here's to more good conversation!