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Did you ever attend summer school as a kid?

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07/07/13 12:07 pm

It's funny how only California has a strong yes

07/09/13 1:45 am

No offense to the good kids in California, but most of the students here SUCK. They are the biggest pain in the butt EVER and are super disrespectful (at least the ones I know). The numbers are appalling.

07/05/13 2:38 pm

I took math and English last year. I screwed around in math and I didn't really need to do English. I didn't get math at all during the year which was why I was screwing around and during summer school I totally got it. I'm glad I went to summer school.

Theshamwowguy Pittsburgh, PA
07/04/13 5:27 am

I am taking health 2 over this summer, by choice

sarah1911 Poolesville MD
07/03/13 4:49 am

Because of medical crap. I went to try to get through high school in 4 years. I still had to take a fifth year. I hated that fact at the time but ever since then I've gotten to go to 2 reunions each time because both classes accept me as belonging.????

sarah1911 Poolesville MD
07/03/13 4:50 am

Ugh. I forgot about no smileys yet. >:o :(

potatochip howdy
07/02/13 10:45 am

Every summer since 7th grade...but I still got my masters degree!

Laurie2133 Rural Southwest
07/02/13 12:38 am

I took all my history classes in summer school so I could have time to work and be student body pres. This was ages ago! Now I would have used the time to get basic college classes out of the way, not an option back then.

Redwallr hyrule
07/01/13 10:39 pm

I am currently taking chemistry. Not because i need to, but because i would like to take AP this upcoming year.

ibalousmiles Ohio
07/01/13 4:25 pm

I never had to but I took gym in the summer so I had more time for art (my college major)

emmbeedee Arkansas
07/01/13 4:00 pm

Drivers Ed was a summer school class way back when.

07/01/13 5:41 am

I was able to attend IU for a summer honors program. What a great experience it was.

emsies Seattle
07/01/13 12:00 am

I'm taking it right now. I'm getting high school Biology credits so I can take another art elective next year. It's an entire year of material in 6 weeks.
Not everyone who does summer school is stupid.

itsbread Southern California
06/30/13 11:51 pm

My state is stupid...
Or we took summer classes and got ahead!!

07/09/13 1:48 am

Sadly, most of the students in our state are stupid. High Schoolers that is... our colleges are quite nice(;

bigdog3210 Around
06/30/13 9:15 pm

Yes, I did. I took pre calc the summer between freshman and sophomore year so I could take calculus my sophomore year.

cocoawhoa Milwaukee, WI
06/30/13 7:00 pm

I thought it would be fun... I only went for a week.

kellyw The Mississippi Delta
06/30/13 6:30 pm

Yes. For funsies. I took a special English course, Latin, and speech that way and skipped a year of math by taking algebra. I was a weird kid.

rusty0131 A peaceful world
06/30/13 8:02 pm

Not as weird as me, I took classes every summer so I could graduate HS early. Hated HS. Couldn't pay me to go back, even though it was over 20yrs ago.

8ESBABY Houston
06/30/13 6:12 pm

No, but I had a math tutor just to keep me at a steady C. I hate math....much so that I don't even play dominoes - and every black person I know plays dominoes! even the drop outs! (No stereotype- that's my reality)

06/30/13 6:05 pm

In college, too. Ideal for short attention spans.

06/30/13 5:25 pm

I did it to get requirements out of the way in a shorter time

Sam95 Nebraska
06/30/13 5:18 pm

I did the summer before 4th grade. I thought it was pointless. I don't remember learning that much.

06/30/13 5:02 pm

Took summer school the summer before my freshman year, again the next summer before sophomore yer and the next before my junior year. I then graduate a full year early.

Marksmithdawg California
06/30/13 4:27 pm

3rd-4th grade summer, it wasn't too bad, an hour less then regular school, and only four days a week. But the teachers were the type of teacher that when their house gets egged, you say, good.

06/30/13 3:59 pm

Taught it for 5 years, principal for 3. Many of the students I had during the year are there. I warned them, but they never learn. Now I get to see them all summer long. Good thing I like them. My office is the only air conditioned room.

bpac New York
06/30/13 3:36 pm

Sooooo hot in the non-air conditioned rooms back then.

dahawwl Texas
06/30/13 3:24 pm

My senior year I moved to Texas. Texas History was a requirement to graduate. I had to go to summer school to take it.

shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
06/30/13 2:42 pm

We didn't have summer school - I would have loved it

06/30/13 2:10 pm

Only to get ahead. Not because I was behind.

sarahg1995 Frankfort, IN
06/30/13 12:23 pm

I went but not because I failed a class, I went to get ahead for my senior year

mikeey1962 on SOH where else
06/30/13 12:13 pm

Was always good in school, actually graduated half a year early, never went to school but worked on my uncles ranch.. Which was better then school..

bweezy NOVA
06/30/13 10:26 am

Yes. I actually failed Physical Ed while I was on the track team. Skipped too many classes.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
06/30/13 9:14 am

Not really, but I did attend the summer enrichment academies at Oregon State when I was a kid.

XercesBlue ...
06/30/13 8:28 am

Yes. Not because I failed a class, but because I wanted to get ahead in my classes. Also, my mother didn't believe in letting me have a summer off and for whatever reason I chose to do math instead of volunteering or sports camps.

06/30/13 7:14 am

I will next year to get ahead in math.

06/30/13 4:46 am

for three summers to graduate early. also went to school each day an hour early to do PE that way I could take only academics during the normal school day. graduated a year early and joined the army at seventeen.

pcox104 Florida
06/30/13 7:35 am

Just wondering why you would do all that work to join the army, when it sounds like you were competing for a good college?

PAK the Armpit of Florida
06/30/13 3:49 am

I took drivers Ed one summer.

victovm the Undying Lands
06/30/13 1:44 am

Yes, but I would call it summer 'school'. A sixth grade P.E. teacher tried teaching us 8th grade Algebra. To sum it up, we learned just about nothing.

pjn0524 Pacific Northwest
06/30/13 12:55 am

Only way I could fit Driver's Ed into the schedule!

JenniferNoel Silicon Valley
06/30/13 12:51 am

I even took it before my freshman year to get ahead :)

06/29/13 11:54 pm

Worse than I thought the amount woulc be.

XercesBlue ...
06/30/13 8:30 am

You have to consider that many of us took it to get ahead, not because we were falling behind.

XercesBlue ...
06/30/13 8:30 am

Well.. You don't "have" to consider...

lucyp Idaho
06/29/13 11:40 pm

Just to get ahead.