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minormajority August 11th, 2016 11:39pm

Did you cast a vote in a primary or caucus for this year's presidential election?

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susanr Colorado
08/11/16 4:46 pm

Not in the state caucus for the Presidential election, thanks to it being held at a specific time and place that I found difficult to get to (because I don't drive). I would have had to walk a couple miles there and a couple miles back, mostly in the dark, half of it in an area where I've never been in daylight. I agonized over it, here in public, and then realized I had a sore throat and decided not to potentially infect hundreds of people. I still felt guilty.

I *did* vote in the primary for state and local issues, which was, like all other elections in Colorado except the stupid caucus, done by mail. (Although as is my habit, because I'm an antique, I hand carried my ballot to the county court house.)