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TrippyCornflake August 11th, 2016 10:31pm

Should the NY Jets get their own stadium in New York City so the Giants can be renamed the NJ Giants?

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shoeless Texas
08/11/16 6:52 pm

I think if you are in Jersey, Jersey deserves the credit. Seems insulting to me. I get the market concept, but that doesn't work. Same for the Cowboys. They aren't in Dallas. In fact with their last move they are closer to Ft Worth than Dallas.

TrippyCornflake Brooklyn
08/11/16 6:18 pm

New York teams build their stadiums here and claim that they're NY teams, even though they're in Jersey. Baseball got it right

Yankeemike Sell the Knicks Dolan
08/11/16 7:25 pm

Well they are named after the city New York and not the state. Easy Rutherford Is in the New York metropolitan area. It just happens to cross a different state. The Giants play closer to NYC than some other teams play to their city.