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PutinItUp August 11th, 2016 4:32pm

Is the welfare system being abused in America?

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Allsports my world
08/11/16 4:48 pm

Yes by white Americans

Vietman manhattan
08/11/16 5:16 pm

I'd say it's being abused by the government. Not by the people on it as much.

crazyjane New Jersey
08/11/16 1:31 pm

Yes but it's also very shitty for the people who need it

shoeless Texas
08/11/16 10:55 am

Welfare is abused. There are some who have figured out how to manipulate the system to their advantage. However, I think the majority on welfare have honest intentions and use the system as their safety net. They are struggling and need some help. They have every intention of getting off of the program as soon as they can. Saying that there is abuse is not demonizing the poor, it is stating that there are some that are taking what they don't need. Which in turn hurts more people, taking resources from those that really need assistance, have taken personal responsibility seriously and are earnestly driving toward improving their economic position.

PutinItUp New Jersey
08/11/16 10:44 am

Welfare shouldn't be a life-long benefit, really.

PamGH SW Washington
08/11/16 10:42 am

Mismanaged. People need assistance, but we are not helping them. Food stamps? Do liter pick up at $12 hr for them (if physically capable). Or tutor an at risk youth. Or a hundred others things. Most people can do SOMETHING. Programs like that. There will always be those so debilitated that they need direct support.

thatguy2 We tried to warn you
08/11/16 10:37 am

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kawaiichan somewhere
08/11/16 9:39 am

I think it's even, there's a lot of people who do abuse it, and there's a lot who need it. Sadly what I hate most about welfare, is the people who need it and can't get it because the government can't trust it.