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mtdewbob August 11th, 2016 3:32pm

The difference is there a speculation that Donald Trump has not told the truth about somethings. It's cold hard fact that Hillary Clinton has not told the truth about many many things and we have an FBI investigative report that outlines her lies.

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pkurt88 Las Vegas, NV
08/11/16 9:46 am

Trump is one of the biggest liars ever. That doesn't mean Hillary isn't a big liar. Two people running against each other can both be big liars. I guess you can make the argument that Trump is such a psychopath that he doesn't realize how much he lies. But, that's not very reassuring.

mtdewbob Arizona
08/11/16 10:51 am

Can you give me the examples of those lies made by Donald trump?

thatguy2 We tried to warn you
08/11/16 9:14 am

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mtdewbob Arizona
08/11/16 10:53 am

Millions, millions and millions of dollars, I'm swimming in the money. Oops I told a lie😏

mtdewbob Arizona
08/11/16 8:37 am

Anyone who thinks Hillary Clinton is not the biggest liar in the United States right now is either naïve or brain-dead.