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Show Of Hands August 11th, 2016 12:58pm

Would you sell one year off the end of your life (whenever that may happen) for one million dollars today?

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desolatia Oregon
08/17/16 10:18 pm

Women in my family routinely hang around until their late 90s. I'd take the chance.

CMD1973 Oxford iowa
08/15/16 1:22 pm

Not now. If I had any dependents, then I might consider it.

josh42732 The Nation of Texas
08/12/16 7:49 pm

I did no because I could just drop dead right then and there because I could die in less than a year. And I would want to live my life

peterseb Idaho
08/12/16 1:13 pm

I sold myself for 20 years to earn my first million, 1 year at the end of my life for 1 million upfront seems like a much better deal.

Praetorianus In the uncanny valley
08/12/16 10:21 am

Yes. With a frugal lifestyle, it lasts 30+ years.
Enough for me.

Cole12 ...
08/12/16 7:55 am

Fuck yes. I would never work again and actually get to enjoy my life.

susanr Colorado
08/11/16 10:23 pm

Absolutely not. I don't do dumb things for money.

UF2020 America Works
08/11/16 8:07 pm

I vote yes just because I could use the money to become richer easily and then use that money to invest in science to help create stuff to make me live probably more than just one year longer

Americans Right Wing Libertarian
08/11/16 5:19 pm

*Sells last year*
*Instantly dies*

Zod Above Pugetropolis
08/11/16 3:38 pm

No way. First, time is worth more than money - and that isn't even all that much money. Second, I might already be in the one year window and not even have the few hours left it would take to spend and enjoy the cash.

Shreveport New York
08/11/16 12:23 pm

Hell yes. Why wouldn't I want to drastically improve my life in my physical prime in exchange for a year of what will most likely be pain and illness?

ProbablyEug Oakland
08/11/16 12:17 pm

Says yes. Dies immediately. You never know!

SonofThunder peace
08/11/16 11:54 am

I calculated that if I work every hour 24/7 for the entire year my gross income would be about 718,000. Obviously sleep and the need for food and other things would detract from this so I would gladly give up a year to have 1 million.

LazySteelworker USA
08/11/16 11:42 am

Plot twist. You've only got 6 months to live.

lakotnacire New Jersey
08/11/16 10:43 am

100% yes. Pay off all my debts, pay my moms mortgage and enjoy life.

prallen Property and order
08/11/16 10:31 am

Yes, but I wouldn't do five years for $5 million.

tidford My little piece of heaven
08/11/16 10:30 am

If I were 20 (I'm not, that birthday is long lost in the mists of the Paleozoic) the answer may well be yes.
It might might well result in a longer life: Stress is a huge life-shorter. $1 million, used wisely, might go far to reduce stress enough to gain me back that year, plus some.

SouthernLaw Old North State
08/11/16 10:24 am

One million dollars can help you make that year up and way more quick with how many adventures you could go on.

jstahl Build that wall
08/11/16 8:50 am

Can I do it 5 times? The ones at the end are gonna suck anyway, rather do some traveling and enjoy it now.

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
08/11/16 8:46 am

Statistically, my husband is likely to die quite a few years before me and life without him won't hold nearly as much value for me. So, I'd go for it to make our lives much easier and hopefully to gain him a few more years since he wouldn't have to work and be stressed so much.

bkro37 existential crisis
08/11/16 8:06 am

What happens with this choice if at some point you decide to end it yourself?

Acebeardman14 Tennessee
08/11/16 8:27 am

Sir you just broke the system.

CMWF5 Georgia
08/11/16 7:51 am

There's no amount of money worth me not being able to spend another year with my family.

AnarchoComrade Anarchist Federation
08/11/16 7:46 am

The last year of my life most likely won't be that great. Meanwhile a million dollars will save me a lot of time and stress. I'll probably get more than a year of my life back from the time I would've been working. So yes.

Someonethirsty A lake
08/12/16 4:07 pm

Would that just push the worst year of your life back one? Following your logic it's bet to die now.

akrealist a log cabin in the woods
08/11/16 7:39 am

I wonder how the terminally ill would answer...

Or, putting it differently, if they were told they could live another healthy year for a million dollars, would it be worth paying?

theNobamist Silicon Valley
08/11/16 9:12 am

How would they pay it? Can't pay it off after because they're dead. Sell their house and everything, be in six-figure debt for the year? Eat cat food and live on a park bench? So much for the "healthy year". :( the stress of debt would kill you.

akrealist a log cabin in the woods
08/11/16 10:02 am

My comment was more about the perspective than the practicality. I think folks who believe they'll live many years into "old age" are more than willing to trade a year for cash. Conversely, I think folks/families who could buy a healthy year at the end (and I did say healthy) might find a way.

It's just a concept (like the question itself) for further thought. There is no such no need to get all park-benchy on the gig.

sea California
08/11/16 9:08 pm

Depends on my quality of life. If I'm in chronic severe pain, I'd rather take the money and die sooner. Then the money could help out my family too.

Crawdaddy11 Proud Wolverine
08/11/16 7:28 am

Not if I'm planning to die within the next 365.25 days, but otherwise I'll take it!

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
08/11/16 7:15 am

I would leave it for my grandchildren in trust. I might've died several months ago. Because we do not know the number of our days. Actually I'm gonna change my vote. I just thought of my granddaughter. I think she rather have more time with me than have her college paid for. I think she'd be very upset if I gave up my life so she could have more things. She has had some anxiety about me eventually dying .

gonzoboy Northern AZ
08/11/16 7:13 am

"No", thank you.

vawade15 Da UP
08/11/16 7:08 am

With my luck I'd fucking die instantly lol but a million bucks, that's a lot of money.

kywrite augusta, ga
08/11/16 6:49 am

Yes, because I could invest that money partly in getting and staying fit, thereby prolonging my life and coming out ahead.

FATSHADOW Cyborg Gorilla
08/11/16 6:42 am

Yes bc it will nullify the cost of my kids over 20 years of their lives.

mikeyDe Marine Corps
08/11/16 6:39 am

Can I do 5!?!? I would just do 5 years for 5 millie n actually enjoy the rest of my life. Every second of it being unburdened by any sort of financial stress or need to work.

08/11/16 6:32 am

No thanks. I hate all that pocket change. In all seriousness the older I get the less value money has and the higher value time has. With that kind of money I could retire much earlier but I'm still not sure this is a deal I would take.

svenalexander Land of the Ents
08/11/16 6:31 am

"Life is worth much more than gold"

JacobM California
08/11/16 6:24 am

My last year of life will probably be miserable due to aging, some disease or both anyways

rons Thanks America
08/11/16 6:21 am

At 73 the answer is a big NO WAY!

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
08/11/16 6:18 am

For ME, this seems reasonable at the moment...

phalnx Ohio
08/11/16 6:09 am

I plan on living forever. Time is far more precious than money.